Baltimore Riots: Assessing Blame

An awake person who is of a certain age easily understands that blacks (African Americans) have become  useful pawns of the Marxists/Globalists who are hell-bent on creating a one-world, totalitarian government.

Not all the blame can’t be put on American blacks. After all, they’ve been indoctrinated for decades in government schools, as well as by pop-culture and the media, which is controlled from behind the scenes by the Globalists. They have not come to this point in their history by accident, or even by oppressive racism. Since the enactment of the Civil Rights Act and the Great Society, their path to this point has been carefully choreographed by the globalist puppeteers.

But does being an ignorant yet willing dupe excuse you from your destructive actions? And by destructive, I don’t simply mean the physical property damage they cause, but greater societal damage. More specifically, giving BHO and his globalist bosses more ammunition and opportunity to further their nefarious agenda. Remember, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

This isn’t hard to grasp. By inciting these easily led people to create chaos ultimately leads to innocent, responsible people losing more of their freedoms, as well as more of their money. BHO has already attempted to blame Republicans for the riot because they didn’t want to spend more money on the community. (Never mind that the city is run completely by Democrats, black Democrats, to boot.) You see, first and foremost on the agenda of this evil cabal is to separate you from as much of your money as possible. It’s easy: less money = less power = less choices = less freedom.

My personal point of view is that if a stupid, ignorant dupe is going to be used against me, that dupe also becomes my enemy. If you are trying to hurt or kill me, or my family, it matters little to me who put you up to it, or that you are poor, or that your ancestors were slaves.

I can no longer listen to the hollow monotonous screams of racism. I can no longer tolerate the bullshit excuse of lack of opportunity when in fact, thanks to government, blacks who go through school and don’t become criminals and thugs have advantages over white people – particularly over white males.

Yes, these riots in Baltimore are largely the result of Astroturfing at the hands of the globalists (Soros, etc.), but the rioters still have free will, and allegedly, a brain. Thus, they also are responsible for the mayhem and destruction they perpetrate. How long can we make excuses for this substantial subset of the black community that allows itself to be used as bullets for the guns of totalitarianism?

I offer no political solutions on this subject because there are none, at least not any that will ever be enacted by the cowardly political leaders of both parties. The solution, as always, begins with the individual. The solution begins with people not allowing themselves to be used as pawns by a power structure that doesn’t give a shit about them. But with the amount of programming and brainwashing over the decades, do these people who riot and loot in Baltimore even have the ability of self-evaluation?

This is a deep, deep hole. One that is far too deep for me to get into here and now.

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Rand Paul is really starting to annoy me…

I’m so sick and tired of Rand Paul chirping on about how Republicans need better “branding” and how they need to be more “inclusive.” I see this for what it is – capitulation to people who don’t share your ideals. If certain segments of the population are not down with small government, lower taxes and more personal responsibility, no amount of reaching out will bring these people into your camp. Logic then dictates that the only way to include them is to water-down your own principles and ideals in order to possibly attract them.

A year or so ago I was a supporter of Rand Paul – not anymore. I think he’s as phony as a storefront psychic.  And to say that republicans shouldn’t harp on about voter fraud because it offends black people is as idiotic as it gets. Should we also refrain from condemning child pornography because it may offend pedophiles? Catering to ignorant people and waiting for them to see the light is something we can’t afford to do. We can’t drown trying to save those who refuse to learn to swim.

Rand Paul fancies himself as a free-market, constitutional libertarian – really now? Just how does this fit in with his pandering to Hispanics and illegal immigrants? This is where the open borders libertarians lose me. I would love for Mr. Paul to explain how we can continue to absorb these numbers of Third World immigrants while having a free-market based economy. It’s impossible!

The immigrants that are coming in today, especially across the southern border, care only about their basic immediate needs – food, housing, and of course, generous social programs, aka freebies. The vast majority of them simply cannot grasp free-market principles. And let’s face it. The anchor babies are not going to learn them in our public school system. Even if these immigrants can be converted, it would take several generations. But by that time we will be eye-deep in a welfare state and it won’t matter.

Rand Paul is probably too smart not to understand these things, not to understand human nature. Therefore, it seems that his idiotic obsession with being “inclusive” is just a cynical political play to get elected. Doesn’t it say something that his first public comment after the big election win was an attempt to tie Hillary to the democrat defeats. Can you possibly make it anymore about yourself and your presidential aspirations, Rand?

In my humble opinion, Rand Paul cannot be trusted and I sure as hell hope he doesn’t get the nomination in 2016.

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Conservatives and Corporations

Why is it that most conservatives are blind cheerleaders for big business? Or is it just that many Republicans who call themselves conservatives are in reality socially liberal/moderate corporatists?

Don’t believe me? Just go onto any conservative internet forum or on Twitter and post something negative about big business/corporations. See the response from people calling themselves conservatives.

For the record, I am a die-hard capitalist. I believe, to a certain extent, that the marketplace is wise. I believe in entrepreneurship – big time! I believe in, and support, small business. What I don’t believe in is CRONY CAPITALISM, which is a softer version of Fascism. I make no apologies for this!

I believe one of the main reasons that so many conservatives have a soft spot for corporations is because of a man by the name of Rush Limbaugh. I like Rush, and I’m not just saying that. I agree in principle with probably around 80% of what he espouses. However, Rush seems to believe that corporations can do nothing wrong, and that when they do, it’s the government’s fault.

Can this simply be because Rush is trying to stay on the good side of sponsors who support the program? I don’t believe so because Rush’s sponsors are not giant f
Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 companies. They are mostly mid-size companies. When was the last time GM, Chase, Citi Bank, BOA or Walmart advertised on his program?

I believe that Rush makes the mistake (I know that many believe he never makes mistakes, but like everyone, he does) of oversimplifying the connection between free-market capitalism and corporations. And his listeners have been hearing this for decades now.

Although I rarely listen anymore, I recently heard Rush defending Bank of America by claiming that the banks are only doing what the government told them to do. That is only half the picture. The big banks go along with the government mandates because many of the mandates benefit the banks. It’s no secret that the major banks have a lot of political clout. The banks could have stopped most of the legislation targeted towards them, but they didn’t. They strategically came to the conclusion that they could make more money siding with the government. AND – they would have a “get out of jail free” card, as well as “too big to fail” taxpayer bailouts to fall back on.

Mostly for pragmatic reasons, big business often allies itself with the government simply because the government has become so large and powerful. Get on the good side of the government and they will leave you alone or even allow you to pay little to no tax on billions in profit. Allow the government to use your corporation to spy on citizens, spread government propaganda and create secret national databases, and your profits will soar. Make waves, however, and the government with all of its alphabet agencies will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

It’s worth mentioning that some corporations (Facebook – Google) actually agree with the One-World Government agenda and are quite happy to help the government in any way they can.

Being a conservative does not require you to blindly support corporations. Some corporations make their profits by supplying a service or product and otherwise stay out of politics. Other corporations agree to play ball with the government and receive sweetheart deals with little to no thought of the impact on the citizenry and on the foundations of our nation. When I state that there are “Evil Corporations” out there, I get a dozen unfollows on twitter within a few minutes. Saying that evidently makes me a traitor to the conservative movement – makes me a liberal – an “Occupy” disciple. Of course, that’s total bullshit!

Conservatives pride themselves on being rational, open-minded people. We call out the Left on its intolerance of opposing views and groupthink. But evidently, it seems that you can’t really be a conservative if you don’t blindly and unequivocally support large corporations.

Corporations run by people who in the blink of an eye will sell out future generations of Americans (and human beings in general) for short-term profit do NOT espouse conservative values. Profits at all and any cost is not conservative! Capitalism without moral and ethical boundaries is not conservative! Corporations getting into bed with big government for tax breaks and other special considerations is at best, Crony Capitalism, and at worst, Fascism.

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America Needs to Demand Reciprocity

Common sense tells us that many things we take for granted in our daily life wouldn’t work nearly as well if not for the concept of reciprocity. When we are nice to people and perform kind and noble acts, we expect to receive similar treatment back, even if the expectation is subconscious. For example: If you are a person who holds doors open for others, you are apt to keep doing so if the nicety is returned, at least once in a while. I know that some will argue that doing the right thing should not come with conditions, but I prefer dealing in reality.

Many times in my life I have heard people say that they no longer do something or other because they never get it back in return. Things like slowing down to let a car out of a parking space, or letting a person with two items ahead of you on the checkout line when you have twenty items. Why should I do such & such when nobody ever does it for me? I’m tired of being a sucker! The fact is that people expect a certain level of reciprocity when dealing with their fellow man. When reciprocity breaks down we tend to have a society of angry people who are just out for themselves –  de facto anarchy.

The problem is that our nation as a whole has completely abandoned the principles of reciprocity – especially in dealings with other nations. Make no mistake, this is a side effect of a twisted egalitarian society. We can’t expect people/nations that don’t have it as good as we do to reciprocate our benevolence towards them. We need to give..give..give..and expect nothing in return – not even simply gratitude.

One of the most glaring examples of this is our relationship with Mexico. While the Mexican government expects, and often demands, that we absorb its poor citizens, its own immigration laws are some of the strictest in the world. The fact is that Mexico has no respect for us and basically spits in our face. But we deserve it because we let them get away with it for far too long.

The same goes for the “Muslim World” which constantly shits on us. We allow their people to come here en masse and build their mosques all over our Christian nation. When is the last time a Christian church was built in a Muslim nation? Quite the opposite, Christian churches are systematically torn down or burned throughout their territories. Christians are being slaughtered by their religion of peace. But we have to cater to the whims of Muslim immigrants right down to removing signs on restaurants that advertise bacon. We have truly become suckers and are being treated as such by most of the world.

American foreign policy should be based solely on our national interests and on terms of reciprocation. We do for you – you do for us! Be tolerant of our people and we’ll do our best to be tolerant of yours. When was the last time an American president, Republican or Democrat, read the riot act to the Mexican government? No, instead we kiss their ass as if they support us, as if they absorb the dregs of our society and pay for it not only economically, but with the loss of their distinct culture. Who the hell needs who here? The United States acting in this irrational manner is simply suicidal. And no, it’s not the Christian thing to do! I’m no expert but I have never heard of a Bible verse that demands a certain group of people have to commit suicide for the benefit of another group. What about the Golden Rule – do unto others…?

After the attacks on 9/11 we allowed more Muslims to enter our nation – how utterly insane is that? Talk about enablement and appeasement! The same goes for illegal immigration from Mexico, Central and South America. In a time when we are trillions upon trillions in debt, and our social welfare system is so bloated and about to burst, politicians from both parties want to grant amnesty to tens of millions who are here illegally, then allow these people to bring their families over. Are we not an insane nation? Is it at all surprising that the world uses us as a doormat?

If we don’t begin demanding some sort of reciprocity from the rest of the world, and pronto, we will surly cease to exist as a free and prosperous nation, and all the work, blood, sweat and sacrifice of our forefathers will have all been for nothing! If a nation does not respect its own laws, heritage, culture, borders and national sovereignty, why will other nations show respect?

P.S. I understand that the politicians are mere puppets for the greater evil force that currently has a grip on the world – the billionaire elite and multinational banks that want to create a “New World Order” and a One World Government. The destruction of the U.S. is vital to their plans. However, it doesn’t excuse us – the people – from demanding that our government stop the insanity. These dark forces thrive on ignorance and complacency and fear an awakened humanity – and especially awakened Americans. It’s not to late but time is running out.

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Ferguson lies beginning to surface

Let me start by saying that it’s true the investigation involving the shooting of Saint Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri has barely started. However, that hasn’t stopped radical blacks, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and a slew of other left-wing race baiters from making strong comments on the matter.

So I’ll do the same.

So far, everything the race pimps and trouble makers in Ferguson have said about the shooting of Michael Brown is looking like one big lie.

  • First they said he was shot in the back while running away.
  • Results from the dozen or so autopsies performed so far indicate he was shot from the front – facing the police officer.
  • They said he had his hands up as if to surrender to the officer.
  • Results from the autopsy show otherwise. He was struck on the top part of his arms, not the underside which would have been struck if his arms were raised.
  • Of course, he was also portrayed a just an average teenager, a nice boy who was on his way to college. Yeah, he must have really aced those SAT’s!

    The race hustlers took offence at the video of Saint Michael robbing and roughing up the owner of a local convenience store shortly before his confrontation with the officer. No, it’s completely irrelevant that Brown was a thug prone to violence. Not to mention that the preliminary toxicology results show that he had Marijuana in his system. What a shock!

    So let’s knock off the “he was a great kid” shtick and just go forward with your agenda in this matter. Spare us all the other bullshit, please. We’re not that stupid!

    Finally, there is a story at Gateway Pundit claiming that officer Darren Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to eye socket.” In other words, he was struck repeatedly in the face, probably several times. See story HERE.

    But none of this apparently matters because CNN gave away the officers address and the entire black community wants this cop indicted and convicted of murder. And don’t think it can’t happen if the case ever goes before an “OJ” jury. And, of course, more riots and looting to follow if an indictment or conviction is not forthcoming.

    It is my theory that when the crap hit the fan in Ferguson after the shooting, organized groups of troublemakers (some probably working for our lovely government) were sent in to make sure this crisis doesn’t go to waste. This kind of all-out racial tension and violence is just what Obama and the Alinskyites want right before the midterm elections to spur people who only vote in presidential elections to the polls, and to vote several times, of course. That along with the votes from all the illegals streaming across our border should be enough to hold the Senate and maybe even win back the House. With our voter eligibility laws, don’t think it can’t happen!

    Now a sign reading “ISIS is Here” was spotted during a CNN broadcast from the so-called protests. Apparently, ISIS is encouraging jihadists to go to Ferguson on a recruitment drive. It makes sense to me. Sign up violent people to a violent religion cult which gives them permission and justification to do what they do best. A perfect fit! Don’t worry about the drugs. Booze and hoes, they’ll overlook those things, for the time being.

    Yes, a cop did shoot and kill an 18-year-old black male in Ferguson Missouri. But just about everything else that came afterwards is based on lies, hate and radical political agendas. And yes, I accuse the media and our government of being complicit in this giant lie!

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Rick Perry indictment: how far up does it go?

Knowing what we know about 2014 America, does anyone discount the possibility that the Rick Perry indictment was initiated and/or was encouraged by forces way higher than the disgusting drunken democrat biatch?

Perhaps they know something the rest of us don’t. Perhaps the democrats are really scared of Rick Perry. Perhaps Biatch Hillary asked Holder & BHO for help to derail his candidacy before it even took off.

Can we put anything beyond this bunch of Marxists? Will these people, and I use the word lightly, not go to any length to finish the job BHO is so successfully doing – destroying what’s left of the United States?

This is why I have to laugh (or cry) when the so-called conservative media, and rank and file conservatives, laugh off the issue of BHO’s birth certificate. Not to mention his high school records, college records, Illinois State Senate records, etc, etc, etc. No, BHO and his cronies would do just about anything – except forge his birth certificate, and hide his phony made up past, that is! That would be a conspiracy, and we know conspiracies don’t exist. We know this even though conservatives accuse (rightly so) the IRS of conspiring against the Tea Party and then conspiring to cover up incriminating emails from Louis Lerner. Conservatives also accuse (rightly so) the BHO administration of conspiring to cover up what really happened in Benghazi. But when one mentions the birth certificate these same people run away like greased lightning and stick their heads in the sand.

This abomination could and should have been thrown out during his first term if only Republicans (and conservative media) had the balls to investigate his BC and his phony background. Our Judicial system has also run away from this issue because his BC and other phony documents could not withstand scientific proof in front of a jury in a court of law. But nooo… because Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, and other assorted talking heads say it ain’t so, then it can’t be.

The reason Hannity and his FOX colleagues mock the BC issue is because they were told not to go there by the corporate heads at FOX. These guys make a lot of money, and the more you make, the less likely you are to stand on principle and tell your employer to fuck off! Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and others are simply jealous that they didn’t break the story of his phony-as-a-three-dollar-bill birth certificate, and write another “best selling” book on the subject. These gatekeepers of conservative media were scooped by the lower rung of conservative media, people they look down upon.

This all has to do with money and ego. And just because these people call themselves republicans or conservatives doesn’t mean that we have to let them make up our minds for us. As I have predicted many times on this blog, these people will one day have mucho egg on their face. But when the facts are finally out, you can count on them sneaking onto the bandwagon and making a boatload of money on the issue. They knew it all along, they’ll tell us.

There is nothing the people (again, I use the word loosely) in charge of our federal government won’t stoop to in order to push their Marxist global agenda. If you don’t get that, you may as well be a democrat.

P.S. Here come more “unfollows” from republicans on Twitter. What a joke!

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Blacks and whites can both agree…

…that we don’t want tanks and other heavy military hardware on American streets.

Proof has come forth that Michael Brown was a two-bit thug. He ripped of a convenience store and roughed up the store owner who was half his size and probably three times his age hours before he met his untimely and unfortunate demise at the hands of a Ferguson, Mo police officer. And somehow I don’t believe that this happened to be his first go-round into criminal activity. Unfortunately, he is all too typical of his particular demographic. Sorry, but that’s the unfortunate truth!

But for the purposes of this post, I want to put Mr. Brown and his death aside for the moment.

The reaction of the Ferguson Police to the aftermath of Mr. Brown’s death was over the top and out of proportion. Over the course of American history there have been riots and instances of looting equal to, and worse, than what happened in Ferguson. Those riots were all quelled, to the extent the authorities wanted them quelled, without militarized force. Looters and rioters will usually disperse in the presence of regular squad cars and/or cops on horseback. No tanks needed, than you!

We are not China. American government, be it federal or local, is not supposed to put freakin tanks on American streets. Some American citizens may be criminals and thugs, but that’s no excuse to make our streets look like Afghanistan. We lecture the rest of the world about freedom and human rights, then, we put tanks on the streets a la Tiananmen Square – WTF? How will these photos look around the globe?

The only time I want to see tanks, humvees and other military hardware on American streets is if a foreign invader landed on our soil. Wait a second…there are foreign invaders streaming across our southern border by the thousands each day, as well as armed cartel members, and not to mention, even Mexican military. If there is a use for this hardware, it is at our freakin border, not against freakin protesters!

I’m sure this post will get me more “unfollows” on my Twitter page from my fellow conservatives, but hey, I’ll live.

P.S. I just had “The Five” on and all the “conservatives” seemed to agree that regular police need tanks and other military equipment. Really? How the hell did police forces survive all of these centuries without it? I’m a bit surprised at Greg Gutfeld, he calls himself a libertarian, but not at all in regards to the little blonde neocon, Dana Perino.

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Liberals and illegal immigrants

Who can disagree with the argument that people (the citizenry) hold much of the responsibility for the government they have as well as for the shape of their country? For instance, Mexicans can’t be totally excused for the horrific shape of their nation, a nation in such shambles that 90% would probably come (sneak in) to the U.S. if given the chance. I’m not picking on Mexico, the same goes for most nations in Central and South America, as well as Africa and most of the Middle East.

The Left (which would love nothing more than the see 100 million + Mexicans flood across our border) loves to use talking points which consist of guilt inducing catchphrases such as “looking for a better life“when arguing for more immigration or for amnesty for illegal immigrants. In fairness, a lot of gutless, big government republicans also use the same talking point. We have to understand that these people don’t have it as good as we do, and that’s not fair! Fairness demands that we open our doors to them. We must all put our white privilege in check and make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible for these innocent people desperately looking for a “better life” for their families. And of course, we must not complain if we have to sacrifice our standard of living and our culture so that all this unfairness can be rectified.

The fact is that in many ways the American liberal is not much different than the illegal immigrants who are flooding into our nation.

What liberals have been doing over the past 3 or 4 decades is as follows: they wreck the city/county/state they live in by voting for left-wing democrats. Then, when the living conditions in said city/county/state become intolerable, they quickly move to the nearest “conservative” city/county/state where the taxes are lower, the economy is better, and where the streets are safer.

Who could blame them? They are simply “looking for a better life” for themselves and their families. Right?

What inevitably happens next is that these dumb-ass liberals begin voting for the same people and policies that ruined the place from which they just fled, eventually bringing about bloated and corrupt government, high taxes, more regulations, higher unemployment, more welfare and more crime. Just as bees make honey, liberals bring about these conditions.

This is exactly what has happened former “red states” like New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. The stupid liberals from New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts began moving to those states in order to flee the high taxes and a declining standard of living in the cesspools they helped to create. Those states are now “purple” at best, and will soon be outright “blue states” where no one but Democrats will ever again pick up those electoral votes.

California was once a conservative/libertarian state before northeastern liberals began migrating there during the late seventies and early eighties. The illegal immigrants who have completely flooded the state over the past ten to fifteen years have simply put the final nail in the coffin of the Golden State. Needless to say, California is now a total economic and social basket case and the most dysfunctional state in the union. And lo and behold, the liberals who voted for all of the shit that made California a nightmare have now begun moving to Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Texas. Of course, we all know what happens next.

Liberals are like a plague. They spread around the country (and globe) until nobody is safe from the disease they carry. When they destroy one area, they move on to the next one. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, there will soon be nowhere to run to escape this pandemic.

No doubt about it. The American liberal (Democrat) and the Third World masses who are flooding our nation have much in common. They screw up the places they left, then, bring the same pathologies to their new home. Comparing these people to parasites is unfair because even most parasites don’t want to totally destroy their host, for obvious reasons which seem to escape both liberals and Third World immigrants.

Enough is enough already! While it is true that we can’t deport American liberals (unfortunately) we can put a stop to illegal immigration as well as curtail legal Third World immigration. We can completely seal off our borders and we can enforce our immigration laws. We can do all of these things, but only if a majority of Americans finally wake up and take notice of what has been done to our beloved country and start punishing the people who put us in this desperate situation.

My fantasy is that one day all the illegal immigrants will go back to where they came from, and each one will take at least two American liberals with them. I can dream, can’t I?

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