We Must Now All Support Obama – NOT!

One of the many ridiculous things that the mainstream media has been pushing lately is the notion that all of us have to support Obama now that he is officially President. Of course, all of the brainless lemmings who voted for the Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler will step in line and unconditionally support their ruler. The problem that I’m seeing is that republicans and even conservatives are also tripping over themselves to fall in line and “support” President Obama!


Since the election, I’ve heard way to many “Conservative Talk Show Hosts” claim that they will “pray for Obama” and that they “hope he succeeds” because he is now their President and, because they claim to be patriots. Each time I hear that coming from the pie-holes of supposed conservatives, it makes me want to barf – big time.


Sen. Tom Coburn from Oklahoma recently told the media that he now supports Obama, and “hopes he succeeds”. This coming from a man who some say is the most conservative senator in Washington! What the hell is wrong with this clown? Hope Obama succeeds?


I am evidently one of the few who isn’t caught up in this bull, and NO, I don’t want Obama to succeed!!!


Let me tell you why I don’t want His Majesty Barak Hussein Obama to succeed. I DON’T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING HE HAS PROPOSED OR CAMPAIGNED ON!!!!!  In fact, I believe that if he were to succeed, he would greatly harm this country to the point where it would be unrecognizable to many people who actually have half a brain left.


Here are just a few of the things that Our Ruler has proposed during and after his campaign.


Nationalizing the best healthcare system in the world and managing it like the Post Office.

Hell No – Count me out on that! I’ve waited on line in the Post Office with 50 other people while there was only one window open and the rest are all on break or lunch! I don’t want the same experience in our healthcare system.


Spending close to a Trillion Dollars on some phony “stimulus package” which is just another pork barrel project used to buy off more votes from dummies.

Hell No – Count me out on this one too! Where are they going to get all of these construction workers from?Who will be building all of theses highways and bridges? Maybe all of the Lehman Brothers and Citi Bank employees who lost their jobs can be re-trained to pour concrete! More likely than not, it will be a new wave of illegal immigrants who will flock here to do the jobs that fired yuppies won’t do.


Obama wants to expand welfare by giving “tax cuts” to people who don’t pay any taxes. Yes, that’s called Welfare! He would do this of course, by taxing the evil “rich”.

Hell No – I definitely don’t want any part of that one either! I don’t believe that successful go-getters should be punished in order to give out freebies to freeloaders who don’t contribute to the pot. That’s called Socialism! I suggest that the people who support Obama should look it up, study it, and then decide if that’s what they signed up for.


Closing down Guantanamo and releasing murderous low-life terrorists in to our courtrooms and prisons.

Hell No – I can’t get behind that one either, unless all of them were released on Martha’s Vineyard – then I’ll consider it. These scumbags locked up in Guantanamo have it far better than the American prisoners locked up in Pelican Bay State Prison or the U. S. Penitentiary Supermax in Marion, IL.


Anyone see a pattern here?


I can’t and won’t support a President with whom I disagree with on every major issue concerning this country.


People who call themselves conservatives or libertarians are basically full of it when they say that they want Obama to succeed. Some of these so-called conservatives suffer not from a lack of brain matter, but from a lack of courage. They continuously fall into the trap of wanting to be liked by the media and by their political opponents instead of following their principles.


I say to these conservatives; grow a pair, or get the hell out of the way!

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