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Smash Mouth Politics

Earlier this week, the NY Jets hired a new head coach. Max Ryan the former defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens was signed to a 4 year $11.6 million contract to help turn around their feeble franchise. Ryan’s Father Buddy was also a NFL head coach with the Philadelphia Eagles, but he really made his mark as the defensive coordinator for the infamous 1986 Super Bowl Champ Chicago Bears.


The reason I find this story interesting isn’t because I’m a fan of the hapless Jets, but because of the impression Ryan made at his debut press conference. Like the rest of our society, professional sports have slowly become neutered by political correctness. Everyone says all the “right things”, opponents are all friendly with each other, and celebrating success on the field has been pretty much outlawed by the NFL brass.

Heaven forbid you  piss off your opponents, or worse yet, hurt their feelings.


Anyway, there was one quote by Coach Ryan that particularly caught my attention.


              We want to be known as the most physical football team in the NFL.”

“The players will have each other’s backs, and if you take a swipe at one of ours, we’ll take a swipe at two of yours.”


What a breath of fresh air! I’m surprised he wasn’t fined by the league right there and then.


When hearing this, I immediately thought of the cowardly politicians in the Republican Party who have let the liberals and the media turn them into pathetic doormats. Very rarely if ever, do you see someone on the right side of the aisle hit back when attacked. Ryan also stressed that the players would have each others backs. When a republican or conservative gets into a bit of trouble, they are quickly thrown under the bus by their fellow partisans. Remember Trent Lott? Remember how President Bush never fought back at all the vicious lies that the left and the media threw at him daily? I believe that Bush’s lack of response hurt the party, the conservative movement, and the country.


The republicans have very little power left in our government; a lot of it is their own damn fault! However, we need a counterbalance to the left-wing government of Pharaoh Obama, Sleazy Harry, and Nip-n-Tuck Nancy.


The wimpy republicans, conservatives, and freedom loving libertarians need to take a page out of Coach Ryan’s book and start hitting back!



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