More Celebrity Ingrates…

I’m sure that I am not the only one who is sick and tired of rich celebrities opening their ignorant traps and lecturing the rest of us with their imagined wisdom. Actress Ashley Judd was attending a luncheon celebrating the 40th anniversary of NARL. That’s the National Abortion Rights League for all you pro-abortion Obama voters.


The brainless Judd was the emcee at this luncheon, and after showing a slide-show featuring President Bush and other Pro-Life politicians, Judd told a cheering audience that “it’s so nice to live in America again”. What a pathetic fool this woman is!


I guarantee you that Judd did very well during the Bush years; in fact, according to The Internet Movie Database ( Judd has starred or appeared in 11 films during the time President Bush was in office. I’m sure she’s hurting financially – poor Ashley, the Bush years were really tough on her!


By the way, I wonder if Ms. Judd returned the extra cash she was able to pocket under President Bush’s evil and unfair tax-cuts. Yeah right – and Rosie O’Donnell is taking up competitive gymnastics. You never had it so good Ashley – you ingrate!


Ms. Judd’s moronic statement also reminds me of something that I’d rather forget – Obama’s pre-inauguration celebrations. At one of the celebrity stacked functions, the Irish “rocker” Bono, a member of the band U2, muttered this pearl of wisdom:


        “He (Obama) proves that America exists”


No, Mr. Bono, let me give you some real proof that America exists. You and your Irish band mates are speaking your native English instead of German, Italian, or Russian! Some of you Europeans conveniently forget who saved your butts in two World Wars, and protected your continent during the Cold War and still does to this day! 


Your only connection to America, Bono, is collecting all the money from your record sales over the past two decades, you ungrateful, arrogant jackass! People like you and the ditzy Ashley should be on your knees every night thanking God for the opportunities that this country has given you, and it shouldn’t matter who the President is, or what political party is in power!   GROW UP ALREADY!!!!!!!


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