The phrase “better late than never” came to mind when I heard that all of the Republicans in the House of Representatives voted against the democrats massive pork project thinly disguised as an economic stimulus package. It’s about time that the GOP stood for something!


Obama, Nancy Pelosi, (the worst House Speaker in history) and the media were the big losers in this vote! The bill passed by a vote of 244-188, with 11 democrats joining all of the house republicans in voting against it. The media however, has been in frenzy, reporting with contorted faces as if the bill didn’t pass.


What’s upsetting the media, is that the democrats now OWN this devious bill as far as the House of Representatives is concerned.

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The media also knows, that now the democrats don’t have an accomplice or a scapegoat when this “stimulus” plan doesn’t do a damn thing to help the economy or create jobs. They well know that this bill is nothing more than Obama and the democrats rewarding their special-interest constituent groups with a Trillion dollars of our money!


Nancy Pelosi was the biggest loser. She was schooled by the usually inept republican leadership! Pelosi dropped two controversial provisions in the bill in order to placate the republicans. One was for “family planning” and “contraception”, which Pelosi was forced to defend as “stimulus” when being questioned about it by George Stephanopoulos, of all people. The other was for hundreds of millions of dollars for landscaping and improvement to the National Mall in Washington. After getting these concessions from Pelosi, the republicans voted against the bill anyway!


The bill now goes to the pompous elitists in the Senate and will undoubtedly pass. The only question is: will the Senate republicans cave, or will they follow their comrades in the House and stand against this dangerous fraud of a bill? I don’t have much confidence in that bunch of gutless wimps, but if they remove the wax buildup from their ears and hear the support pouring out to the House republicans……who knows.


To President Obama and the democrats – You Asked for Total Power, now you’ve got it! Unfortunately for you, you no longer have Bush or a republican congress to blame. You now have to take responsibility for your actions! Sure, your lackey’s in the media will do their thing and try to spin and deceive, but eventually you’ll be held accountable by all except the dumbest of Obama voters.



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