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“Working Families”

The corrupt mainstream media and liberal politicians love to use the phrase “working families.” Tax credits for working families, healthcare for working families, affordable housing for working families, cat liter for working families, etc. etc. etc.


So let me get this straight, the liberals come up with an arbitrary number with regards to income, and the families that meet their phony criteria are “working families.” And the rest are what?


So let’s see, a family of four that has an income of $35,000 per year is a working family, while a family of four that makes $150,000 per year don’t “work” for their income?

If a family has both parents working, and they each make $75,000 per year, does that mean that they don’t really work? Or that they’re…….. rich?


Let’s step into a little bit of reality here! People who make more money usually work longer and harder than people who make less money! A restaurateur who makes a profit of $200,000 per year probably works at least 14  hours per day. Is anyone going to tell this man or woman that they aren’t working?


This “working families” bull is just another angle, used by liberals, to perpetuate class warfare. It’s just another rouse to make uninformed people beholden to Nanny-State politicians! It’s an attempt to tap into one of man’s greatest vices – Envy! It’s another slick attempt to paint people with money as greedy and evil. A cynical pursuit by the devious Left to get the American middle-class to embrace Socialism!  


End of story. 




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The term “working families” is a euphemism the democrats & the left use so as to exclude citizens, as they are displacing them.

Written By Jenny on August 18th, 2010 @ 11:56 pm