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Stop Hatin’

Anyone who keeps an eye or ear on pop-culture has probably heard the phrase Stop Hatin’. I first started noticing this annoying term a few years ago and my bull-shit radar started beeping immediately! The term is mostly used by youngish African-Americans, but predictably other groups have started using it as well. What does this hip term actually mean?


Stop Hatin’, in its pure and simple form, is supposed to convey tolerance and acceptance of others, especially those of different color and culture. Sounds harmless – right?

Unfortunately, the way that the term Stop Hatin’ is actually used is a bit more sinister than that!


Stop Hatin’ has become a term that is habitually used to stifle opposing points of view, debate, and judgment. For instance, if you tell someone who is a New York Knick fan that the Knicks suck, you may get the response; Stop Hatin’! If you tell someone who likes A. Rod that he’s overrated, you may get the response – Stop Hatin’! If you tell someone that’s acting like a jerk to cool it, you may get the response – Stop Hatin’! Last but certainly not least, if you’re critical of Obama, the Obama supporter may tell you to Stop Hatin’!

Beginning to see a pattern here?


In other words, a certain segment of our society has been taught or brainwashed to believe that if you disagree with them on any level whatsoever, you’re a Hater! Being a Hater marginalizes you, it automatically renders your opinions foolish, if not dangerous. Being a Hater disqualifies you from passing judgment on anyone’s behavior, no matter how abhorrent. Being a Hater gives the accuser a sense of moral superiority over you; thus never having to defend their own views and opinions.


I really don’t know where and when this insidious term was born, but if I had to bet I would say that it probably originated within the Hip-Hop community and the Marxist based “black liberation movement.” I’m sure that everyone who spits out this stupid phrase isn’t consciously trying to shut you up; a lot of people are just blind followers of popular culture and trends. However, a person doesn’t have to utter the phrase with the intent to silence in order for it to have an effect. For most people, being called a Hater tends to automatically put them on the defensive. They then try to convince the accuser that they aren’t Haters instead of dealing with the initial issue.  


There is no doubt that there’s a dangerous and scary element in this country who would like to obtain power by controlling speech. This element cunningly uses the public education system and media to try to establish what speech and words are socially acceptable. This element is Marxist in its nature and it preys mostly on the young and ignorant! What’s really terrifying is that this element is now becoming more mainstream by entrenching itself into the “progressive” movement and the Democratic Party.




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Reader Comments

I’ve yet to personally experience this ‘end-all’ in its sincere form but I doubt any person that chooses to use it has the capacity for intellectual debate.

However, I suppose if the purpose of conversation is to negate ignorance and teach reference to the unlearned then such a phrase might provide a significant road-bump.

Written By Real Name on February 10th, 2009 @ 11:41 am

I posted this article on another site, and some idiot actually wrote a comment saying that the blogger who wrote it should “stop hatin”!
I don’t think that it was an attempt at being humorous, but rather a scary reminder of the mind-numbing ignorance and intellectual laziness that’s running wild throughout large parts of our culture. Boy do I HATE stupid lazy people!

Written By Pete on February 11th, 2009 @ 10:04 am