Three Blind Mice…….

It looks like the Senate will finally be able to vote on, and pass the outrageous buy-the-vote spending bill touted by Democrats and the media as an economic stimulus bill.


After all of the House Republicans finally stood together and voted against this big lie, the Senate Democrats were able to round up three sorry-ass republicans to put them over the top in the senate vote. They are: the liberal republican bobbsey twins Susan Collins and Olympia Snow of Maine, and the liberal Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.


These three “Republicans” will push the tally up to a filibuster proof 60 votes. Besides being dumb, why would these three clowns agree to vote with the Democrats and Obama for the vote-buying stimulus package?


Simple, these three are all from Blue States, and fear that they will be voted out of office in the next election! Maine is fast becoming a liberal-wacko state that just keeps getting bluer by the year. Like New Hampshire, it has slowly been polluted by migrating liberals from Massachusetts and New York. Collins and Snow will be history in the next election regardless of how they vote on this bill. They will lose what little Republican support they have left, and the Democrats will vote for the real liberals!


The gutless Specter will probably lose his seat in the next election if he’s still above ground by then. The once great state of Pennsylvania has been overrun by libs from New Jersey and New York and is slowly becoming a permanent blue state.


This scenario is fast becoming an old one. Liberal Republicans join Democrats in helping to push destructive Socialist legislation. The Republicans then scratch their heads and wonder why they’re slowly losing support from conservative and libertarian minded voters.


The ironic thing is that all three of these spineless Republicans will get blamed by their Democrat opponents in the next election, when it will be crystal clear that the Trillion-plus dollar stimulus program hasn’t done Jack-Squat for the economy!



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