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Stimulating Health-Care

In a February 8th post titled Prognosis Negative, I wondered about the potential limits on patient diagnosis and care that an Obama Universal Health-Care policy would have, particularly when it comes to second opinions sought by patients. I opined that a perpetually broke government would probably try to ration healthcare.


I received comments from a couple of blokes from England and New Zealand, (Peter & Miles) who told me that I was misguided about “socialized medicine.” Their arguments however, were focused on the fact that national healthcare in their respective countries allows people who can afford it, to go out of the system and pay for their own healthcare.

(See comments on Prognosis Negative)


I didn’t take long for my worries to be vindicated! Sorry mates, but I guess that my fears aren’t so misguided after all.


Betsy McCaughey, former lieutenant governor of New York and one of the first people to blow the whistle on Hillary-Care, and now an adjunct senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, released a paper warning of health-care rationing that is part of health-care legislation that is embedded in the buy-the-vote democrat stimulus package. It seems that the libs are trying to pull a fast one and slip their dream of universal health-care into the stimulus bill.


According to McCaughey, senior citizens would bare the brunt of the rationing! That can’t be!!! We all know that the Liberal Democrats are the guardian angels of the senior citizen, vigilantly protecting them from the Social Security and Medicare cuts proposed by the evil republicans.


McCaughey actually sites none other than Tom Daschle, you know, Obama’s choice for Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, who had to withdraw from nomination because he was exposed as a tax cheat. Anyway, McCaughey quotes Daschle as saying “healthcare reform will not be pain free” and that “seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them.


How do you like them apples AARP?


In Daschle’s book, titled; Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis, Daschle praises Europeans for being more accepting of “hopeless diagnoses” and for forgoing “experimental treatments.” He goes on to say that Americans expect too much from their health-care system.


We all knew that the Obama administration coupled with huge Democrat majorities in the Congress would bring up, and ram through “universal health-care” legislation as soon as they could, but to try to jump-start it by sneaking it into an economic “stimulus” bill is outrageous and insulting to the American public.


Why not debate “universal health-care” out in the open, where people can get a chance to actually hear what the proposals are? Instead, Obama and the Democrats try to hide it in a 1588 page “stimulus” bill! I thought that the country voted for change, for a new “transparency” in Washington. If the whole country agrees with Obama and the Democrats, why then, all the stealth maneuvers?


It’s pretty clear to me and other people who actually have a brain, that “universal health-care” or “nationalized health-care” or “single-payer health-care” or “Daschle-care” or whatever else the hell you want to call it would be a total disaster for our country, and especially for the old and sick – if you’re young and healthy, you’ll probably be OK!


Therefore, my second opinion is still; Prognosis Negative……………..





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