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Yuppies for Guevara

While recently walking through my neighborhood, I took notice of a very new looking Audi parked on the street. I walked over to the windshield to look at the registration and see the model year of the car. It was a 2007.


Now I have better things to do then look at car registration stickers on the street, the reason I wanted to check the year was to confirm my suspicion that it was almost new. You see, the moron had a Che Guevara sticker on it!


That’s right; the idiot driving this expensive foreign car is an admirer of the Marxist Che Guevara! It’s become all too typical to see Che Guevara stickers and t-shirts in neighborhoods favored by yuppies. Most of these brainless idiots probably don’t know much about Guevara, except that their 1960’s ex-hippie radical college professors said he was cool. It just goes to show what you get for a 200 grand Ivy League education these days.


Then again, the car may just belong to a former Obama campaign worker!






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