Both Sides of their Mouths

If you woke up one day and noticed that all of a sudden the politicians, the talking-head experts, and the media weren’t talking out of both sides of their big mouths, you would probably think one of the three following things.


  1. That you’re still asleep and having a dream.
  2. That you’ve died in your sleep and went to heaven.
  3. That someone spiked your coffee with a powerful mind-altering drug.              


How many times over the past couple of decades have you heard the self anointed experts reprimand the American people for spending too much, and not saving enough? They would wring their hands and say that Americans are in too much debt, that they use their credit cards way too much!


All of a sudden, we woke up to a world where the corrupt politicians, the feckless media, and the pointy-headed financial experts are telling us that the main problem with the economy is that we aren’t spending enough! They worry that the banks and financial institutions aren’t lending people any money, and therefore, people can’t spend.


Which one is it?


Should we be spending or saving?


If the dummies in Washington believe that personal spending is the key to getting out of recession, then why didn’t they use the 800 billion from the phony stimulus bill to help pay down peoples personal debt? Wouldn’t that have helped to “stimulate” the economy far better than using the money to pay their political interest groups?


It’s just another example of the elites talking out of both sides of their mouths, and another orifice that I’d rather not mention. It’s just another reason to take control and responsibility for your own life and stop listening to the do-nothing – know-nothing self-proclaimed “experts.”



Footnotes for Obama voters:


One decade equals ten years. (Source – Merriam-Webster Dictionary)



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