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Heading towards Sharia

In another show of the love, compassion, and peace that is Radical Islam, Mr. Muzzammil Hassan, beheaded his wife Aasiya Hassan on Thursday, Feb. 12th at the offices of Bridges TV in the western New York town of Orchard Park.


Mr. Hassan is the founder of Bridges TV, which was launched in 2004 with the goal of helping to portray Muslims in a more positive light to the American public. The idea for the station was actually that of the beheaded woman who was concerned about supposed negative press that Islam was receiving after the murderous 911 attacks. Evidently, Mrs. Hassan had more to fear from her sub-human husband Muzzammil, who was said to be a “moderate” Muslim, than she did from racist Americans! The murder seems to be an “honor killing” and the motive – as if he needed one, is said to be that his wife filed for divorce due to physical abuse.


It’s too bad that the “religion of peace” will suffer yet another setback due to the ignorance of intolerant Americans. We tend to make such a big deal over nothing!


Unfortunately, this type of crime is becoming more and more common in America. The sick practice of “honor killing” is actually part of the Qur’an based Sharia legal system practiced by many Muslims throughout the world. This Sharia system permits a father or husband to kill his wife, daughter, mother, or female cat if he feels that they somehow “disgraced” him.


During the eight years that George Bush was President, I cringed every time he referred to Islam as a “religion of peace.” Yea Right – and Sean Penn is a member of Mensa! It’s maddening to see how political correctness along with political cowardice has made it nearly impossible to speak the truth about the spreading cancer of radical Islam within western society.


Americans better wake up and start learning from the lethal mistakes of our European cousins in the United Kingdom. The British have let radical Islam run amuck in their once great society. It started by allowing decades of unbridled immigration from Muslim nations, which has resulted in an ever-growing Muslim population that is on track to be a majority in Britain in the next couple of decades. The British government has capitulated to every phony grievance from the Islamic community, that they are now practically slaves to its never ending demands.


In February of 2008, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams told a British radio show that Sharia Law in the UK is unavoidable. The chump even tried to actually defend Sharia in Britain by saying Muslims should not have to choose between the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty and state loyalty. Did this buffoon have one too many pints at the local pub before the interview or what? He must have… because he even went as far as to say that “an approach to law which simply said – there’s one law for everybody – I think that’s a bit of a danger. The actual danger is the stupidity coming out of the Archbishops big mouth!


In another disgusting display of moral and political cowardice, the British government last week banned a Dutch politician and filmmaker, Geert Wilders from entering their country. Mr. Wilders, a staunch opponent of Muslim immigration into the Netherlands, directed a 17 minute movie titled “Fitna” in which he features archive footage of hate speeches by Muslim Clerics against Jews. The film also urges Muslims to tear out violent pages of the Qur’an in protest.



After pressure was put on the British government by the Muslim community, the wimpy Brits caved in by banning Mr. Wilders from their country. Winston Churchill must be doing 360’s in his grave!



Mr. Wilders knows all too well what happens when radical Islam is left unchecked in Western nations. His Dutch homeland has also been overrun by Muslim immigrants over the past few decades. In 2004, filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim radical named Mohammed Bouyeri in broad daylight on the streets of Amsterdam. Bouyeri shot Van Gogh eight times! Not satisfied, Bouyeri then cut Van Gogh’s throat, then to top it off, stabbed him in the chest. Nothing is too good for those infidels!


When Mr. Bouyeri was finished with his handiwork, he left two knifes protruding from Van Gogh’s chest. The animal used one of the knives like a push-pin to attach a note to the murdered man’s body. The note was a rambling threat against Western Society.


The reason Mr. Van Gogh was so viciously killed; because he was outspoken on the subject of restricting Islamic immigration, and also produced a short film titled “Submission”, which dealt with the suppression of women in Islamic society.


Is the United States going to follow in the suicidal footsteps of Britain and the Netherlands, or are we going to stop the cancer before it metastasizes beyond control?


I don’t have much confidence that the Obama administration will do much to confront radical Islam. President Obama, like most of his Democrat colleagues, has often seemed to blame America for its strained relations with the Islamic world. Our corrupt media has also bent over backwards not to offend radical Muslims. The NY Times has even given edicts to its reporters to stay away from the word “terrorists.” They suggested substitutes such as “assailants”, “militants”, “attackers”, and “freedom fighters.”


If we are to avoid the same plight as Britain, The Netherlands, and many other Western European countries, we need to examine our immigration policies towards Islamic countries. We need to take our heads out of the sand and realize that we are just as vulnerable as Britain, only the timetable is different. We can’t let the enemy use our natural goodness and our laws against us. We need to limit immigration to people who share our ideals of Liberty, Individual Freedom, and Representative Democracy. We can’t continue to open our doors to wolves dressed up as harmless sheep!





Please check out two people who are taking the lead in exposing radical Islam and its dangers to Western Culture. Robert Spencer and Brigitte Gabriel.



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