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2/26/93 ignored but not forgotten

It was sixteen years ago today (2/26/93) that low-life Muslim terrorists led by the evil Ramzi Yousef, and financed by the only existing ape-human hybrid, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, first tried to topple the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center.

 On September 1, 1992 Ramzi Yousef attempted to enter the United States through JFK International Airport in New York using a fake Iraqi passport and claiming political asylum.

The feds actually gave this animal a hearing date and let him loose on our country! Another Muslim terrorist named Ahmed Ajaj was on the same plane as Yousef, but the two bastards made believe that they didn’t know each other. Ajaj was carrying a fake passport that aroused the suspicion of Customs agents. When they checked his luggage they found bomb making instructions and he was detained. Still, they didn’t connect Yousef with Ajaj. God forbid you should be accused of racial profiling!


Yousef quickly joined cohorts in Jersey City and Brooklyn who had long been in our country planning evil right under our noses. It was in a radical Mosque in Brooklyn that Yousef hooked up with Mahmud Abouhalima. Abouhalima came into our country in the mid eighties on a tourist visa. When the visa expired he applied for amnesty as an agricultural worker (lots of farms in Brooklyn New York!) and was accepted as a permanent resident under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 – also known as the Amnesty program under President Ronald Reagan. And you thought amnesty was only for Mexicans!


After less than five months of planning, Yousef and his gang rented a truck, loaded it with 1,500 lbs. of explosives, and parked it in the underground garage beneath the North Tower. The cowardly terrorists lit the fuse, then choosing to forgo the 76 virgins, fled from the building.


When the bomb exploded it blew a massive crater under the North Tower, but as we know, the tower didn’t collapse as the terrorists had planned. They had hoped that the North Tower would fall into the South Tower, and that the South Tower would then also collapse. Six people were killed and over one thousand were injured. Those figures now seem insignificant after knowing what happened on September 11, 2001.


The Clinton Justice Department and FBI treated the 1993 attack in the same manner that they would an armed bank robbery. There was never a serious attempt to follow the money trail to see how and where this evil was being financed and organized. Yousef, and all but one of his conspirators were eventually caught and sentenced to life terms in federal prison. The other one – Abdul Rahman Yasin escaped to Iraq and has yet to be captured.


After the 1993 attacks the country slipped back into a blissful sleep. After all, there was millions to be made in Tech Stocks and Dot-Coms; those 401K’s were looking real good! Sure there were other terrorist attacks, but hey, they were all overseas. We didn’t have anything to worry about here in our homeland!


We didn’t change our immigration and visa rules to adapt to Radical Islam, we didn’t start monitoring phone calls from known foreign terrorists, and we didn’t close our porous southern border. By the end of the decade there was a new Ramzi Yousef in town – his name was Mohammed Atta and he had nineteen other murderous terrorists with him, plotting yet another attack; an attack that would forever change our world.


This September it will be 8 years since the 9/11 attacks. That’s about the same amount of time between the 1993 and 2001 attacks. Despite his other failures President Bush kept the homeland safe for over 7 years. All of the terrorists seemed to be in Iraq or Afghanistan, surely the homeland was safe! We now have Barack Hussein Obama, who just by using his charm, grace, and middle name, will keep us safe from Muslim terrorists – right?


Are we once again caught up in a comfortable sleep as we were after February 26, 1993? This time we aren’t drunk on our stock portfolios or home values. Instead, we’re all in the dumps about our economic future, focusing on the recession, unemployment, massive government bailouts, and the stimulus plan.


Who’s got time to worry about Radical Islam?


The six victims of the 1993 attacks are often overlooked due to the events of 9/11/01.


Here is a list of the innocent people who lost their lives 16 years ago. Their lives were just as meaningful, and just as precious, as the lives lost on September 11, 2001. They are missed by their loved ones just as much.


John DiGiovanni – Valley Stream, New York


Wilfredo Mercado – Brooklyn, New York


Robert Kirkpatrick – Suffern, New York


Stephen Knapp – Staten Island, New York


William Macko – Bayonne, New Jersey


Monica Rodriguez Smith and her unborn baby – Seaford, New York

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Reader Comments

Maybe if you didn’t fill your article with BS more people would take it seriously.

Here are some excerpts:

“the only existing ape-human hybrid”

“The feds actually gave this animal a hearing date”

“God forbid you should be accused of racial profiling!”

“And you thought amnesty was only for Mexicans!”

Apart from that, nice informative article. I like that you can distinguish Radical Islam between Islam – they are not the same thing. Just keep the inflammatory statements out…sure, they are extremely evil people, but it’s just wrong to compare them to animals, or to be racist towards them. Such thinking is what bred the KKK, Black Panthers, etc.

Written By Roger on February 27th, 2009 @ 1:08 pm


First of all, I must agree with you on one thing! I have a pet cat, and cats are considered animals, therefore, I apologize to my cat for calling Ramzi Yousef an animal.

I’m sorry Charlie – I won’t do it again.

What exactly do you call a “person” who plots to blow up innocent men, women, and children and doesn’t lose a winks sleep over it? Is he a poor confused victim who didn’t get enough attention from his mother?

I’m also sorry if calling KSM an ape-human hybrid is too much for your sensibilities. When I went to NYC public schools I was mocked for my hairstyle, for the clothes I wore, because my ears stuck out a little, etc. etc. etc. Mocking KSM on his disgusting appearance is about the only thing that I can do to this monster. I will never run into him on a dark Brooklyn street, I will never have the opportunity to show him what real torture is! Believe me, being water-boarded in Gitmo would seem like a day at a luxury spa compared to what I would do to this creature. So again, I’m sorry if I was a little mean to the poor hairy little terrorist who was largely responsible for murdering almost 3,000 of my fellow New Yorkers!

I don’t apologize for my sarcastic “racial profiling” remarks either. I’m pretty damn tired of people losing their lives because of political correctness! Racial and ethnic profiling works – It’s that simple! If a black man robs a bank the police should look for and question – black men! If a middle-aged white guy rapes a child, the police should look for and question – middle-aged white men! Profiling people who come from radical Islamic countries makes all the sense in the world because most terrorists in this day and age are Muslims! It’s because of attitudes like yours that 85 year old Asian women are body searched by airport security while young Islamic men pass right through.

Last, by not least, my comment; “and you thought amnesty was only for Mexicans.”

Far from it being anti-Mexican, it actually puts into perspective the myth that only Mexicans are in this country illegally, and that only “hard working” migrants from Mexico who “only want to better their lives” would benefit from blanket amnesty!
There are millions of illegal immigrants in this country from the Middle-East, Asia, Russia, Far East, and even Western Europe.

Roger, if this blog is too “politically incorrect” for you I suggest that you stick to the corporate owned blogs that spit out the same old recycled news in the same old carefully bland manner. You know who they are!


Written By PM on February 27th, 2009 @ 6:16 pm