Obama’s Middle Class Tax Cut

News Flash: Obama Stimulus bill will put an extra $13 per week into people’s paycheck!!!!! That’s right, Obama promised a tax-cut for 95% of the American people, and today he kept his promise. The Obama buy-the-vote stimulus bill has in it a provision for a $500 tax credit for lower and middle income workers. Officials […]

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Both Sides of their Mouths

If you woke up one day and noticed that all of a sudden the politicians, the talking-head experts, and the media weren’t talking out of both sides of their big mouths, you would probably think one of the three following things.   That you’re still asleep and having a dream. That you’ve died in your […]

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Stimulating Health-Care

In a February 8th post titled Prognosis Negative, I wondered about the potential limits on patient diagnosis and care that an Obama Universal Health-Care policy would have, particularly when it comes to second opinions sought by patients. I opined that a perpetually broke government would probably try to ration healthcare.   I received comments from […]

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Yuppies for Guevara

While recently walking through my neighborhood, I took notice of a very new looking Audi parked on the street. I walked over to the windshield to look at the registration and see the model year of the car. It was a 2007.   Now I have better things to do then look at car registration […]

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Washingtonian Logic

Senator Susan Collins, (R-ME) along with her clueless colleagues Olympia Snow (R-ME) and Arlen Specter (R-PA) were the only Republicans in the Senate who voted with all the Democrats in support of the Pelosi/Reid/Obama buy-the-vote stimulus package. Yesterday, Senator Collins tried to explain her support.   I’m warning you, its logic that can only come […]

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Three Blind Mice…….

It looks like the Senate will finally be able to vote on, and pass the outrageous buy-the-vote spending bill touted by Democrats and the media as an economic stimulus bill.   After all of the House Republicans finally stood together and voted against this big lie, the Senate Democrats were able to round up three sorry-ass […]

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What Else Does The Box Say?

Men are sloppy, useless, lazy, cowardly, dishonest, and dumb! No, this isn’t a conversation between Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg from an episode of the View, nor is it a course description of Harvard University’s Woman’s Studies curriculum.   It’s just your average commercial on TV!   Just about any product from Cereal to Cell […]

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Prognosis Negative….

A couple of days ago while channel surfing, I stopped on a program that somehow managed to catch my attention in the half second before my finger instinctively pressed the channel-up button. The program was called Mystery Diagnosis, which airs on the Discovery Health channel. The show features “real life” people who are struck by […]

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