Dean and the Dope

If you’re a dedicated Daily Kos reading left-wing liberal kook, you probably also enjoy tuning into that pathetic excuse for a cable news station, MSNBC. This station is supposed to be the anti-Fox News for cable television, but as usual, the left gets it wrong again. You see, Fox-News is actually ‘fair and balanced” just […]

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Rally for Evil

This past Saturday, four Oakland California police officers were shot by a low-life by the name of Lovelle Mixon. This piece of excrement was on parole, and was also wanted for questioning in the rape of a 12 year old girl. Mixon was pulled over by two cops in a routine traffic stop, when he […]

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Bachman Bops ‘Em

Once in a blue moon, you’ll find someone in the United States Congress who actually gets it. One of the few bright lights among the wimps known as Congressional Republicans, is Rep. Michelle Bachman of – believe it or not – Minnesota. If Minnesota can elect a person like Ms. Bachman, maybe there’s hope for […]

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Worst of the Worst

According to the Gallup Organization, the United States Congress reached a four year high this month in their national approval ratings. Due to the fact that 57% of brain-dead Democrats believe that the crooks in Washington are doing a stand-up job, their approval rating has climbed to a whopping 39%. This is up 25 points […]

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Congressional Tyranny

Yesterday our country took the first step off the cliff and into the abyss of tyranny when it passed a bill targeting the evil AIG executives who received bonuses that were part of their original contracts when they were hired by the company. As everyone but the most hard-core Obama voter knows, this phony stink […]

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Pathetic pandering pelosi

Of all the infinite number of things that make modern day politicians so disgraceful, their pandering to special interest groups is at the top of the list. These disgusting scumbags, also known as Senators and Congressmen, have no shame in kissing up to anyone who they think will be a potential vote. They don’t give […]

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Conformists without a cause

Throughout the 20th century, American youth has always been portrayed as being somewhat rebellious. This portrayal hasn’t been a negative one, but rather an example of the independent spirit that Americans have always been known for. It was thought that a certain amount of rebellion among young people was healthy; that it would help them grow […]

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“Failing” to report

Unless you’ve spent the last few weeks as a contestant on Survivor, you must already be sick of hearing about how Rush Limbaugh wants Pharaoh Obama to fail. The media, the Democrat Party, and the Obama administration have had a field day with this issue. They tried to demonize any opposition to Obama by demonizing […]

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