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Pipsqueaks, tattletales & bullies

Whatever anyone’s opinion of former President George W. Bush is, I don’t think that anyone but the most hard-core Leftists and the most hard-core ignoramuses could honestly say that he didn’t represent the “Office” with the utmost dignity and class.


President Bush may well have been the most attacked, the most vilified, and the most slandered president in our history. The vicious attacks and character assassination were so widespread and so daily that it would take months if not years to document them all!


For Example:


The disgusting talentless coward also know as Keith Olbermann was one of the vilest attackers of President Bush. This scumbag called Bush every name in the book, including; fascist, a liar, a coward, a war criminal, and also told him to “shut the hell up.”


Question: Did President Bush or any of his press secretaries ever call out Dope-ermann by name for his lies and classless attacks? The answer is no! They took the abuse with grace and character. The Office of the President wasn’t going to get into the gutter with that pig!


Question: Did the White House Press Corp. go to the daily press briefings and repeat what Dope-ermann had said, then ask for a comment or retort? The answer is no! The liberal press was too ashamed of their esteemed colleague Dope-ermann to dare mention it. They didn’t bring it up, not to spare President Bush, but rather to cover for NBC and Dope-ermann!


Now let’s fast forward to 2009 and the first month and a half of Pharaoh Obama’s reign. Obama has already called out talk-radio hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity by name. His incompetent hack of a press secretary, Robert Gibbs, has already called out Limbaugh, Hannity, CNBC’s Rick Santelli, and now CNBC’s Jim Cramer.


Their crimes – they dared disagree with or question Obama’s policies!


The amateurish and embarrassing White House Press Corp. runs to the daily Robert Gibbs press briefings like a first grader runs to his teacher yelling – “teacher! teacher! Tommy said that you’re ugly!”

In the case of the Press, its – “Secretary Gibbs! Secretary Gibbs!, did you hear what Jim Cramer said about the president last night?” “Did you hear what Rush Limbaugh said about the president last night?” “Did you – did you?”


Rather than showing class and decorum, the pipsqueak Gibbs starts sparring with the offenders via the Press Corp. This must be part of the whole “change” thing, because this loutish behavior is unprecedented for the Office of the President! The president is supposed to be above all of this, especially when the country, no thanks to him, is in an economic tail-spin.


There are actually two ways to look at this stupid behavior by the president and his spokespeople.


1.    They are in way over their heads, and are just showing their lack of experience and professionalism.


2.    It’s a cynical and systematic strategy to silence all opposition to Pharaoh Obama.


Either way, it’s downright scary for an administration to verbally spar with members of the media who happen to disagree with the president’s policies. This president is acting more like a Chicago street agitator rather than the leader of the country.These are the kind of intimidation tactics that you might normally see from some South American banana republic dictator, not from a President of the United States!


With this sick bunch in the White House, I am for the first time in my life, fearful for the future of our country.



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