Rude Awakening

I never cared much for Jim Cramer; I always thought that he was kind of sleazy. I also remember when he co-hosted the CNBC show Kudlow & Cramer. While I don’t pretend to be an expert on Wall Street, I know a political moron when I see one. Cramer was always on the wrong side of just about every political issue when he was paired up with Lawrence Kudlow.


Last year Jim Cramer endorsed Barak Obama over John McCain, and said he would be better for the economy. In October of 2008, Cramer said that “there is a growing belief on Wall Street that Barak Obama has the capacity to lead us out of the wilderness, while John McCain does not.” He also went on to say that “Obama is a recession, McCain is depression.”


What exactly did Obama say during his glorious campaign that made the Wall Street expert Jim Cramer think he would be good for the market, and for the economy as a whole?


  • Was it Obama’s slip of the tongue admission that he thinks it’s good to spread the wealth around?


  • Was it Obama’s admission that he plans on ruining the coal industry?


  • Was it Obama’s plan to give a “tax cut” to 95% of Americans, when only about 60% pay any federal income tax?


  • Was it Obama’s plan to nationalize our health care system?


  • Was it Obama’s enthusiastic support of Cap and Trade?


Did Jim Cramer hear anything that the rest of us “novices” didn’t hear?


On this issue, Jim Cramer proved to be no smarter than Cosmo Kramer! I agree that both candidates were pretty poor on the economy, but the only issue that the hapless McCain agreed with Obama on was the ridiculous Cap and Trade policy! Even though McCain was weak on economic issues, it’s pretty much assured that he wouldn’t have spent a trillion and a half dollars in his first six weeks!


Now, Jim Cramer finally opens up his eyes and ears. He tells us with a straight face that Barak Obama is a “wealth destroyer”, and also compares him to the late Bolshevik leader of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin! (No relation to John Lennon, for all you Obama voters)


Don’t get me wrong, it’s great when you get to see people waking up from a blissfully ignorant dream, but give me a break! Jim Cramer, and anyone else who is suddenly surprised by the utter reckless radicalism of Barak Hussein Obama should take a refresher course in the English language. In one way or another, Obama told everyone who cared to listen exactly what his policies would be. If anything, Obama should be lauded for doing something that most politicians don’t, which is to tell us exactly what they are going to do, and then do it!


I’m actually very happy that Jim Cramer came to his senses, and I hope that others will follow, but I won’t be taking any stock tips from him anytime soon.



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