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“Failing” to report

Unless you’ve spent the last few weeks as a contestant on Survivor, you must already be sick of hearing about how Rush Limbaugh wants Pharaoh Obama to fail. The media, the Democrat Party, and the Obama administration have had a field day with this issue. They tried to demonize any opposition to Obama by demonizing Limbaugh, and linking him to the Republican Party.


The mantra has been: How could anyone say that they want the President of the United States to fail? If that’s not unpatriotic – what is? Those mean Republicans and Conservatives don’t care about our economy or our country; they are just so full of hate towards the first black (actually half black) president that they can’t stand to see him succeed!


Not so fast. The mainstream media is once again showing that they are completely and enthusiastically in the pocket of Obama and the Democrat Party. They have shown once again, that they don’t have a shred of credibility or objectivity! They are nothing short of being a public relations arm of the current administration; they are a flat out disgrace!


Thanks to FoxNews.Com and their Washington Managing Editor, Bill Sammon, the double standard of the corrupt national media has once again been exposed. Sammon reports that on the morning of September 11, 2001, James Carville and Stanley Greenberg; both well know Democrat Party activists and key advisors to Bill and Hillary Clinton, were speaking to a group of Washington reporters when the human/lizard hybrid Carville, told them the following:


I hope he (President Bush) doesn’t succeed.”


Then his partner in crime Greenberg, chimed in with the following:


We rush into these focus groups with these doubts that people have about   him, and I’m wanting them to turn against him.”



James Carville was the Campaign manager for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, and has also been an advisor to Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry to name just a couple. Carville is known as one of the top Democrat strategists in the country.


Stanley Greenberg is also a top Democrat strategist and pollster who has worked on the campaigns of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry.


These two (Carville & Greenberg) are pure partisan political hacks and hired guns for the Democrat Party.


Now let’s see…………what Republican political candidate has Rush Limbaugh worked for? What political figures has he been paid to advice? Has Limbaugh ever worked for the Republican Party in any capacity whatsoever?


Rush Limbaugh is a “private citizen” who just happens to make his living by hosting a talk-radio show. He has never been a paid hit-man for any political party. He entertains people while giving out his own political opinions to his vast audience. Sure he may be influential, but people are not forced to listen to his program. Limbaugh basically preaches to the choir, I’m sure he’s “converted” a substantial number of people over the last twenty years, but certainly not enough to effect electoral politics.


Somehow the media feels that it’s necessary to skewer Mr. Limbaugh, but for almost eight years, has ignored the comments of two well know Democratic Party hacks for basically saying the same thing that Limbaugh is now saying.


This is just another example of how the Left in this country gets away with everything. They have no fear whatsoever because they know that the mainstream media has their backs at all times. This is the reason why so many Americans are so ignorant when it comes to the important issues regarding politics and government.


From the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 to its dissolution in 1991, the Soviet Union had total control of the press. The only and official newspaper of the Marxist Communist regime was called Pravda. The paper was a thinly disguised propaganda tool for the government, which fed the people of the Soviet Union only the news that the leaders wanted them to hear.


It often seems like our mainstream media has become the Pravda of the Democratic Party; censoring certain news, while aggressively pushing propaganda against the opposition. Now, the Democrats are going to try and shut down talk-radio, which along with the internet are the only true vessels of free speech left in this country. If they succeed at doing this, this county as we know it, will slowly become unrecognizable.



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