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Obama’s trump cards

We all remember the incessant polling that was being done during the last few years of the Bush administration when it was obvious that President Bush was losing the support of many, if not most Americans. It sometimes seemed like the polls were done every few minutes, and like the famous Limbo dance, each time the numbers would be lower and lower. The polling didn’t even have any geographical limitations; they were polling everyone from Parisian pastry chefs to Yak herding nomads in Outer Mongolia!


Now that Bush has retired to Texas, and the High Exalted Mystic Ruler, Barak Obama is in the Oval Office, the popularity polls keep on coming. This time of course, the poll numbers are sky high; and the mainstream media won’t let you forget about them. Even after his shaky transition when he kept nominating and appointing tax dodgers to his cabinet, his popularity polls were high. Even after spending more money in his first 50 days in office than all of our presidents from George Washington to George Bush combined, his popularity numbers are still high. As of today his approval rating stands at 56% according to Rasmussen, and 62% according to Gallup.


I know it’s pretty early and there’s plenty of time for his numbers to fall, but don’t ever bet your house on them ever getting anywhere near as low as George Bush’s. In fact, I would wager that his numbers will rarely go much below the 50% mark. This will be true regardless of how bad the economy gets, what scandals are uncovered, or what color his hair turns.


The reason for this is that Obama has, not one, but several “trump cards” that will help to keep his poll numbers inflated as long as he is in the White House.


These Trump Cards are:


  • America Haters: These are the far-left Marxists who relish the downfall of the United States and the free-market capitalist system. This includes large portions of Hollywood, academia, and the victims of academia – brainwashed college students who have been taught to believe that America and capitalism are evil.


  • The Chronically Ignorant: These are basically the people who got Obama elected. The people who don’t know who the Vice President is. The people who still think that Republicans control the congress. The people like the famous Peggy Joseph, who think that Obama is going to pay their mortgages and put gasoline in their cars. The people who think that Nancy Pelosi is a character from the Sopranos. In other words, dummies who haven’t got a clue, but do have the right to vote.


  • The Losers: These are the people who believe that they are entitled to things that they don’t work for. These are the people who resent anyone who they deem to be “rich.” These are the people who are perpetually jealous of others who are successful; they then look to government to take from the producers and give it to them, via government programs. These “losers” run the gamut across all racial, ethnic, and party lines.



*Note: Many times the Chronically Ignorant and the Losers may be intertwined. The previously mentioned Peggy Joseph may very well be in both categories.



  • The Race Voters: These are the overwhelming number of the 96% of blacks who voted for Obama strictly because of his race. That’s right – I said it, and you know it! These are the people who were duped during an experiment where, believe it or not, the Howard Stern Show sent someone to Harlem, N.Y. before the election to ask black people on the street who they were voting for. Predictably, all of the people said they supported Obama, but when the interviewer switched Obama’s policies with McCain’s, they still enthusiastically supported Obama! In other words, they had no idea, or they didn’t care, what Obama stood for; all they cared about was his race! Sad, but oh-so true.

YouTube Preview Image


*There are some Black American small business owners who voted for Obama, but will not support him after they realize they and their businesses are being negatively targeted by his policies!


Last but not least:


  • The Mainstream Media: This trump card is so obvious that it really doesn’t need to be mentioned. The corrupt media validates and even encourages all of the above mentioned groups. The America Haters, The Chronically Ignorant, The Losers, and the Race voters could not be as influential if not for the media. The media has so much invested in Obama that their egos will not allow for him to fail.


It’s because of the above mentioned groups, that Obama will consistently keep a high popularity and approval rating. These are the kinds of people who are too ideological, too dumb, too apathetic, and too hung up on race, to ever change their feeble minds about him, regardless of what he does, says, or what happens to the country.


Because of these “trump cards” that Obama and his people so systematically sought out, then nurtured during his campaign, he will have a steady army of lemmings who will make it very hard to defeat him in 2012.




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