Conformists without a cause

Throughout the 20th century, American youth has always been portrayed as being somewhat rebellious. This portrayal hasn’t been a negative one, but rather an example of the independent spirit that Americans have always been known for. It was thought that a certain amount of rebellion among young people was healthy; that it would help them grow up to be free-thinking independent minded adults. One of the first movies to portray rebellious American youth was the 1955 classic, Rebel Without a Cause, staring the iconic James Dean as the teenage “rebel” Jim Stark.


We’re now almost ten years into the 21st century, and I often wonder what the hell has happened to America’s once rebellious youth. It now seems that youthful rebellion is slowly but surely being replaced by submissive conformity.  


This conformity is seen in the way young Americans dress, act, the music they listen to, and most importantly, their thoughts and beliefs. Being in New York, I often see “kids” coming out of a High School, and it’s almost as if they’re wearing some sort of a uniform. They aren’t – it’s just that they all seem to dress and look alike. The males seem to all have the same haircuts. They all seem to have the same backpacks, the same brand of clothing, the same gait, and the same empty apathy in their eyes.


One may say that this conformity is natural, that it’s just a way of fitting in with the crowd; that it was always there. That may or may not be the case, but the conformity that is the most obvious and the scariest is the conformity of thought!


I’m not naive, I know that our education system from kindergarten to the halls of the most prestigious universities, pushes this politically correct agenda of conformity. That in itself, is not an excuse! When I attended college, I was also the odd man out when it came to the political viewpoints of the day. I however, held my ground. I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me how and what to think. The more people (especially people in “authority”) tried to control me, the more I would “rebel” against them. I obviously wasn’t the only one to do so, or we would already be a Marxist country!


Why do young people today allow sixty-something ex-hippies who attended Woodstock, tell them what to think? Where is the natural rebellion against prevalent thought? Where is the natural rebellion against authority figures? Where is the natural curiosity? Where is the individuality that has for generations been a trademark of American youth?


This youthful conformity has been a major influence in the rise of Pharaoh Obama. It seems like everyone under the age of 25 fell for this charlatan. The scope of the sycophantic support from this age group is downright scary! When explored further, these young people know very little to nothing about their savior Obama. The support crosses all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic lines. During the campaign for president, it was almost comical to hear young people living in the suburbs in humungous homes with swimming pools, speak so adamantly about change! It made me want to puke every time I heard a spoiled brat attending an Ivy League school paid for by their well-to-do parents complaining about the need for change!


Throughout history, Marxist, Stalinists, Communists, and Fascists all understood the value of indoctrinating young people in order to further their insidious agendas. Adolf Hitler had his “Hitler Youth” movement that he used to brainwash German youth to further the cause of Nazism. Many of these young Nazis were more radial than the adult Nazis; they spied on their parents and reported subversive speech and behavior to the “authorities.” These young people actually believed that they were doing the right thing and that they were helping their country!


During the 2008 campaign, we all remember the chilling video of “Obama Youth” dressed in military-like garb chanting loyalty to their leader.



YouTube Preview Image



Some naive idiots actually tried to say that it was a positive thing that these “kids” were doing because they were espousing positive goals! These morons don’t understand the destructive power of idolization and “group thought” when it comes from young people, and when it’s directed towards powerful leaders.


It seems crazy, but we will one day long for the day when young people were defiant, stubborn, selfish, individualistic, and rebellious against authority!



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