Another “Crisis” – Another Opportunity

After the 2008 election, Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said the following: “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.”

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Here we go again!


Over the past few days, there were two deadly shootings with multiple victims. One by a loser who killed 13 people at a Binghamton, NY immigration center, and the other by a wacko who killed three police officers in Pittsburg, PA.


In the Binghamton incident, a Vietnamese immigrant by the name of Jiverly Wong, upset by the loss of his job, and by the inability of dumb Americans to understand his English, killed thirteen people in an immigration center where he once took English lessons. Two handguns were found by Wong’s body after the coward blew his own meager brains out. According to the New York Daily News, Kevin Greene, a former co-worker of Wong’s, said that when Wong was once asked if he liked the NY Yankees, the lowlife scumbag responded by saying: “No, I don’t like that team. I don’t like America – America sucks.” It’s so unfair how we force people like the poor Mr. Wong, and other America hating immigrants to come to this horrible country – then prevent them from leaving.


In the Pittsburg incident, a 23 year old nut by the name of Richard Poplawski killed three police officers who were responding to a “domestic dispute” call at his residence. Poplawski’s mother called the cops after an argument over his dog taking a wizz inside the house. It was also alleged that Poplawski was worried and upset that the Obama administration would take away his guns. Poplawski used two handguns and an “assault rifle” to ambush the cops, then hold them at bay for hours during the ensuing shootout. The nut-job was eventually wounded and taken into custody by police.


The murderous Poplawski was correct to be concerned about Obama coming after his guns. The ironic thing is that his deadly actions will now be used by Obama and other leftists to expedite their anti second amendment agenda. During the Clinton Administration, Good-Ole-Billy Boy used every violent incident involving guns to rail against the evil of firearms and to eventually pass the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. Much to the dismay of the liberals and their media allies, the ban was allowed to expire in 2004; thanks to President Bush and his Republican controlled congress.


There is no doubt that when Obama is finished denouncing his own country in Europe, that he’ll come back home ready to use these couple of deadly and tragic incidents to try to enact sweeping gun control measures. He will use the same old left-wing talking points on the evil of guns and the need for the federal government to severely limit private gun ownership. He’ll probably also use these tragedies to attack talk-radio hosts for stirring up hatred against immigrants and against his administration. It’s as predictable as the NY Knicks missing the playoffs.


The America-hating left-wing kook blogosphere is already blaming “conservatives” for the two shootings! The mainstream media is also predictably going along with the simplistic and dishonest liberal talking points. We never hear stories from the media where guns are used by private citizens to stop robberies, home invasions, and rapes. We never hear about the overwhelming statistics that prove that States which have “right-to-carry” laws have less violent crime. The left-wing media never lets the facts get in the way of their agenda!


Here in New York, the honest law-abiding citizens are still defenseless due to the antiquated Sullivan Law that pretty much prohibits anyone other than liberal celebrities like Robert DeNiro and hypocritical politicians like Chuck “the schumck” Schumer from carrying handguns for the purpose of self-defense. This law was enacted in 1911, and named after its sponsor – State Senator Timothy Sullivan. Sullivan was a member of the corrupt Democrat political machine known as Tammany Hall which ruled New York City for much of the twentieth century.


In New York City, not only is it nearly impossible for an average citizen to get a handgun permit, but it’s also illegal to pretty much carry any tool for self-defense. Stun-guns are illegal to possess, and you can only buy pepper spray from a “licensed firearm dealer” – this only after you pass a background check! It’s also illegal to carry other potential “weapons” such as Knives, (other than the smallest pocket knives) blackjacks, and brass-knuckles. The only legal recourse a New Yorker has while being victimized by a criminal is to ask the perp for a time-out to call 911.


If Obama and the Democrats in congress have their way, the rest of the country will soon have the same restrictions as New York regarding firearms and self defense. No need to worry though; Obama may soon deploy his Civilian National Security Force that he talked about during his campaign. According to his eminency, this force should be just as powerful, just as strong, and just as well-funded as the United States Military!


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Pheeeeew……this really makes me feel safe! Who the hell needs guns when you’ve got Obama to protect you?



The three heroic Pittsburg police officers who lost their lives were:


Eric Kelly

Stephen Mayhle

Paul Sciullo




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