Blissful ignorance vs. harsh reality

I’m back from a short, but well needed vacation from the world of media and politics. I strongly suggest that everyone take a week off without watching any news shows, listening to the political talking heads, and most of all, not listening to anything coming from the Obama administration. After a week or so, you’ll feel […]

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Brits don’t Cair for savage

Yesterday it was announced that radio talk-show host and author Michael Savage has been put on a list by the British government that bans him from entering their pathetic country. This list also bans known terrorists and Neo-Nazis. Back in February, Dutch politician and short-film maker Geert Wilders was banned from entering Britain for his […]

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More BS from Bloomberg

In a recent Michael Bloomberg campaign ad, the Nanny of New York City “focuses” on the city’s middle class. You notice how every two-bit politician attempts to pander to middle class voters when they are up for re-election. Is it because they actually care about middle class people? No it’s not; it’s because the middle class are […]

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Help Wanted

Here’s an interesting job opportunity I found on a popular website; it was featured under the category Legal.     Have you ever dreamed about working in the nation’s capital among all the movers and shakers? Here’s your opportunity to work in Washington D.C. just steps from the White House and the Capital!   We […]

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