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Brits don’t Cair for savage

Yesterday it was announced that radio talk-show host and author Michael Savage has been put on a list by the British government that bans him from entering their pathetic country. This list also bans known terrorists and Neo-Nazis. Back in February, Dutch politician and short-film maker Geert Wilders was banned from entering Britain for his outspoken views on Muslim immigration into the Netherlands, and for directing a documentary that was deemed offensive to Muslims.


The once great British nation has been overrun by Muslim immigration over the past couple of decades. The gutless Brits now believe that they have to pander and kowtow to their Muslim population. Many of the Muslims in Britain are extremely radical and openly call for the overthrow of the British government. Michael Savage’s crime seems to be that he has been very outspoken about the danger that radical Islam presents to the free world.


CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has long been an outspoken adversary of Mr. Savage, and has been trying to silence him for some time now. This insidious organization is nothing more than a hateful mouthpiece for radical Islam disguised as a moderate group that is supposed to create understanding and tolerance between Islam and America. Yeah right! In November of 2007, CAIR urged their supporters to call the sponsors of Savage’s radio show and threaten them with a boycott of their products. This attempted shakedown of advertisers was mainly in response to Savage claiming that CAIR is linked to terrorist organizations. Some of the feckless advertisers who capitulated to CAIR were Citrix Systems, Office Max, and TrustedID.  


What does our exalted Pharaoh Barak Obama think about a private American citizen being signaled out by our supposed ally Britain, for voicing his personal opinions on privately owned broadcast stations? Who the heck knows! He hasn’t said anything – and don’t hold your breath waiting for him to do so. In fact, it would be a safe bet to say that Obama is privately cheering this action. It wouldn’t surprise me if his administration was briefed or consulted by the pathetic British government before taking this cowardly action. We know that the Obama administration and the Democrats in congress are looking for any excuse to clamp down on “right-wing talk radio.” This Michael Savage incident may well be the first shot fired in this upcoming war on free speech!


Another strange, but not really surprising angle to this story is the lack of support that Mr. Savage has received from his fellow “conservative” talk-radio hosts. The only person in the NY area that I heard discussing this incident is WOR’s Steve Malzberg. This highlights the subtle beneath the scenes war within talk-radio. This war is partly due to competition for ratings, but it’s also a clash of huge egos who want to be recognized as the top dog. This particular issue with Michael Savage may also have to do with a lack of courage to get involved with any controversy having to do with Islam. Whatever these other hosts may feel personally about Mr. Savage, they should have the brains to realize that they will also one day be targeted for their on-air opinions. Granted, Mr. Savage can often come across as a curmudgeon, and he frequently takes shots at other hosts; however, this is a big story and it should at least get coverage from within the talk-radio industry.


Regardless of ones political views or personal opinions, this incident should send chills down the spines of all Americans. The First Amendment is under attack from our very government. The problem is that many Americans, particularly those on the left, have come to believe that freedom of speech only applies to the speech they agree with. Political correctness in the media and in education has been growing more and more powerful by the year, and the Democrat Party has made it quite clear that they intend to silence talk-radio; with the internet not far behind!


The next few years with Obama in the Casa Bianca and the far left controlling congress, will be a big test as to whether Americans really cherish their freedoms and are willing to stand up for them, or if they have become a bunch of cowardly sheep that can be intimidated and bought off by big government.


Only time will tell….



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