The evil islamic Republic of iran

You know how when you’re watching an action/adventure movie, and the stunts and action scenes just keep getting more and more outlandish as the movie goes on. Even though you understand that the film is total fantasy, you start thinking to yourself that it’s really getting ridiculous now – they’re really pushing it even way beyond the scope of fictional entertainment!


That’s exactly how I’m starting to feel about Radical Islam and the evil that they perpetrate. I guess blowing people up using suicide bombers, and beheading hostages on video was getting too blasé for them. They had to push the envelope of hateful extremism to the next level!


In a horrific piece from , an active member of Iran’s Basiji militia gave a reporter a first hand look into the evil that is The Islamic Republic of Iran. The Basiji militia is a violent “volunteer force” that takes its marching orders from Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. A member of this evil organization is thought to be the cowardly culprit who, from a rooftop shot and killed an unarmed 27 year old woman, Neda Soltan who just happened to be standing on a Tehran street watching the protests against the Iranian government on June the 20th.


If you haven’t seen the gruesome video of this poor woman’s death, watch it here and witness the grotesque evil that is the Islamic Republic of Iran!


This member of the Basiji militia, who for obvious reasons wants to remain anonymous, has spilled the beans to the Jerusalem Post telling them of the horrific acts that he and his fellow militia members have committed against Iranian women. 


He goes on to tell the Jerusalem Post about his earlier days in the militia when he worked in the Iranian prison system. According to his testimony, it’s illegal in Iran to execute a woman for any crime if she’s still a virgin. Gee…..what a progressive and compassionate penal system those Iranians have! The Iranian government, however, came up with a solution to this moral dilemma. The solution was to forcibly “marry” the female offenders to one of the prison guards the night before her scheduled execution, and then have the prison guard forcibly rape her. Now there’s some real out-of-the-box thinking. No more virgin – OK to execute! Evidently, this sack of excrement so impressed his superiors with his evil deeds, that according to him, he was “given the honor to temporarily marry young girls before they were sentenced to death.”


So this is the same Islamic Republic of Iran that Obama wants to sit down and talk with. He wants to negotiate with them! After all, they can’t be that bad, their actions over the last several years were bought upon by the war-mongers Bush and Cheney. Who knows, maybe Obama could use some of his legendary charm to get concessions from the Iranians. For instance, he could at least get them to stop raping the female virgin prisoners before they brutally stone them to death!


Hey – it’s a start!



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