Stampede for Obama money in Detroit

I had some time today to listen to the great Rush Limbaugh. He came up with this gem that came from an interview from News/Talk 760 WJR in Michigan of some people in Detroit who showed up to claim their piece of the Obama stimulus money.


When I hear this crap I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!


YouTube Preview Image


If ignorance could be used as currency, these people would be sitting pretty. It’s just another example of our public education and welfare systems at work. The Great Society welfare state has already destroyed millions of lives since the sixties. Nevertheless, Obama and the Democrats are aggressively pushing for more of the same – times a thousand! 


Here’s another video of people lining up to get some of that “Obama Money.”


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Those Democrats running Detroit all of these decades sure did a great job; I guess that’s the reason they keep getting re-elected year after year. Don’t you wish that every city in America could be just like Detroit?





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