CNN uses kids to spread propaganda

The media has once again showed how utterly in the tank they are for Obama and his socialist policies. CNN invited some students from the Ron Clark Academy to come into their studio to sing a pro-Obamacare song about the current healthcare reform debate.


The sight of young and ignorant kids being used as propaganda for Obama is just plain disgusting! It should now be obvious to everyone that political indoctrination of America’s kids is an aggressive policy of this vile administration.


The only bright spot and perhaps a glimmer of hope in this episode is the little kid that the CNN anchor speaks with. The kid (Willy) is one of the younger ones in the group, but he actually has some good insight and intelligence. What are the chances that Michelle Obama will pick up the phone and have the kid booted from the group? I bet the CNN anchor didn’t expect that analysis from the boy. But then again, CNN and their white liberal employees all assume that blacks are monolithic in their beliefs. Bravo to that kid! It looks like he probably has some good parents.


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Wake up America! Get your heads out of your butts and take notice of what’s going on in our country before it’s too late. I bet that many innocent ignorant Germans thought that the Hitler Youth movement was cute and harmless.


How’d that turn out for them?



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