Egyptian (Coptic) Christians rally in NYC against oppressive Egyptian government

Atlas Shrugs had a good post on Monday (12/14) dealing with a rally in New York City by Coptic Christians against the Mubarak government of Egypt. Like most Muslim dominated countries, Egypt has a horrible human rights record in regards to Christians.


According to the CIA World Factbook, Christians compose 10% of the Egyptian population. According to the same source; the United States Muslim population is 0.6%.


Now let’s see……………………


Which country treats the minority religion more fairly?


Which country grants the minority religion all of the freedoms and rights granted by their Judeo-Christian constitution?


No……the answer couldn’t be the Satanic United States of America!


The Copts were practicing their Christian faith in Egypt hundreds of years before the Muslims arrived. The Muslim conquest and annexation of Egypt from the Byzantine Empire was typically brutal; this brutality towards the Copts continues to this very day.


There is currently a sick campaign going on in Egypt to Islamitise Copt girls.  This campaign consists of kidnapping Copt girls and forcing them to convert to Islam and to take on Muslim husbands. Most of the time, the Copts are powerless to do anything because the Egyptian security forces and police are complicit with the Islamic Mubarak government.


Earlier this year, the Egyptian government started a mass campaign to kill all the pigs in Egypt. See my post: If Pigs Could Fly….Now’s the Time. This was supposedly done in response to the ever growing concern over the Swine Flu. Gimme a break – nobody is that stupid! The pig massacre was just another way to harass the Copts who farm the animals for food. As we all know, Muslims don’t eat pork and consider swine to be “unclean” animals.


Little is heard about Egypt’s treatment of their Christian minority in the Western media. Our media is too busy reporting on the non-existent “backlash” against Muslims in America after each and every terrorist act or attempt on our homeland.


To be fair, Egypt isn’t the only Islamic nation guilty of brutality and oppression against other religions. Saudi Arabia is another well known offender, but because the far-left and their allies in Congress and the White House won’t allow us to drill for our own oil supplies, we have to close our eyes and ears to their horrendous human-rights abuses against non-Muslims.


I wonder……is this what the Left means by Blood for Oil?


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