The Scott Brown bubble has already burst

Newly elected Senator Scott Brown (R) from Massachusetts has voted with the Democrats along with 4 other so-called Republicans for a $15 billion boondoggle referred to as a Jobs Bill. Most sane people know that this bill will do little to create jobs. The bill is a smokescreen to convince ignorant Americans that Obama and the Democrats are doing something about unemployment. We already had a “jobs bill” – a much larger one. It was referred to as the “stimulus package” and it cost us about $800 billion with little to no results.

How could Scott Brown do this?

Wasn’t Scott Brown supposed to be the new Ronald Reagan?

Is this the same Scott Brown who many already support for the Republican nomination for president in 2012?

I’m not really that surprised. I just didn’t think that he would pull this so soon – especially on a fiscal issue.  Glenn Beck is already on the warpath calling Brown a “progressive.” Beck is adamant that Brown is not a “liberal” Republican, but a progressive Republican. As opposed to an unnamed woman that Beck spoke of today that works for him and calls herself a liberal libertarian – an asinine statement that Beck accepts at face value.

More on Beck later……..

Three of the four other Republicans who voted for this $15 Billion increase to the budget deficit are the usual suspects; Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, and George Voinovich of Ohio. The fourth and only real surprise is Kit Bond of Missouri.

Is Scott Brown a conservative? Of course he isn’t – never was. The only people who convinced themselves that he was were either overenthusiastic conservatives who were blinded by the dramatic circumstances of his election and the supposed death of healthcare, or left-wing idiots like Chuck ‘the schmuck’ Schumer who called Brown a “right-wing teabagger.”

Is Scott Brown still far better than Martha Coakley or Ted Kennedy?

You bet he is!

Will he occasionally piss off conservatives by voting with the Democrats?

You bet he will!

That’s the reality of Scott Brown and the reality of being a Republican from Massachusetts. Only time will tell just how conservative, moderate, or progressive he really is.

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