Media refusing to report that the man arrested for threatening Eric Cantor’s life is a gay Muslim

Of course, when the media and the authorities finally have to fess up and report that Baboon, I mean LeBoon is a Muslim, they’ll say that his religion and the religion of Rep. Cantor (Jewish) didn’t play any role. Much like was originally said about the Fort Hood jihadist, Nidal Malik Hasan.

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Government intimidation of wayward corporations

The sad fact is that these CEO’s and most others are intimidated by the Obama administration and the congressional Democrats. Sadly, this is what this country has come to in a little over a year since King Obama ascended to the throne. Government is now either in control of industry, in cahoots with industry, or at war with industry.

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Democrats using the same old smokescreen – victimhood and racism

That whole scene was created by the Democrats in order to goad emotional and frustrated people into doing or saying something stupid. They then planned on using this to offset the visceral anger that the majority of Americans have towards them and the Obama administration.

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Rep. Dingell has a senior moment – slips up about the true intentions of healthcare reform

Controlling our lives – make no mistake that this is exactly what our Marxist president and his like minded cronies are attempting to do. No longer can the left-wing establishment and the media feign indignation when we call these people what they are.

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Canadian brownshirts prevent Ann Coulter appearance at the university of ottawa

I guess it should be somewhat reassuring to know that we (United States) don’t have a monopoly on Universities and Colleges that make Joseph Stalin look like a champion of free speech. I guess it should be equally reassuring to know that American youth don’t hold the patent on stupidity, arrogance, gullibility, conformity, and narcissism.

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It didn’t take long – idiots speaking out on healthcare reform

The media will now take it upon themselves to hit the road and proclaim the legislation a huge success. I predict that you will soon see polls that will show how people are very happy with the new system and that they now have improved healthcare.

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Healthcare reform: A victory for socialists and dummies – a defeat for freedom and reason

This whole healthcare fiasco was filled with dirty backroom deals, intimidation, lies, and taxpayer funded bribes. It finally culminated with Bart Stupid…I mean Stupak and his phony pro-life coalition caving in to Pelosi and Obama.

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New Yorkers should reject the soda tax

If the government truly believes that soda is too dangerous a product to leave to the discretion of parents, they should ban it for use by minors. However, you don’t raise revenue by banning products or behavior; you raise revenue by taxing products and behavior.<

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