Canadian brownshirts prevent Ann Coulter appearance at the university of ottawa

Spoiled young brownshirts (aka University of Ottawa students) prevented Ann Coulter from speaking at their so-called university yesterday. According to the Toronto Sun, about 2000 student protestors tried to gain access to the hall where Coulter would be speaking. I prefer to call them 2000 arrogant little Castros. They then pulled a fire alarm shortly before the event was about to commence causing further chaos. Coulter’s security detail decided that it was best that the conservative author and commentator abruptly cancel her appearance.

This mob of ignorant punks was spurred on by none less than the University’s provost and vice president, Francois Houle – Sacre Bleu!!

According to the Sun, Houle had sent Coulter a letter suggesting she “brush up on the limits of free speech in Canada, adding that promoting hatred could lead to criminal charges.”

I guess it should be somewhat reassuring to know that we (United States) don’t have a monopoly on Universities and Colleges that make Joseph Stalin look like a champion of free speech. I guess it should be equally reassuring to know that American youth don’t hold the patent on stupidity, arrogance, gullibility, conformity, and narcissism.

Are there anymore people under the age of thirty who actually love and understand freedom? Where are the young people who hate political correctness and resent being told what to think? Where are the young people who love America and the values it was founded on, and are not afraid to admit it?

I know you’re out there, but like the mysterious Muslim moderate, you have to speak up and show your faces in order to make a difference. It’s time to step up and be noticed; believe me, you won’t be sorry. Much like the American GI’s who liberated the Europeans from the Nazis, you’ll be welcomed as heroes and liberators by the vast majority of Americans.

Come on – we know you’re out there!

Note: I realize that there are thousands upon thousands of young people who believe in freedom and believe in the ideals that made America great. They are the young people serving in the U.S. Military in Iraq, Afghanistan, and all over the world. To you we are always grateful.

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A few things about the incident worth mentioning:

– Those hate crime laws got tested in court in a couple high profile cases a year or so ago, and didn’t pass muster. The charges were dismissed, and the laws effectively neutered. Coulter never had anything to worry about, and she knew it.

– The “2000 people” gathered outside the hall were Coulter’s own audience. The number of protesters was much smaller, and there were no reports of violence. Freedom of Speech also means that such protests are allowed.

– The REAL problem was that there were far too many people for the venue. The police “strongly suggested that this venue was not large enough to accommodate all the people that had attended”.

– Her people were given the option of moving to a larger venue, but the cancelled instead. Cancelling made for a great publicity stunt.

Written By Roger Strong on March 31st, 2010 @ 8:03 pm