Mainstream media still misrepresenting Arizona’s Illegal immigration law

Again, I want someone to explain how a law that is targeted at ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS can be described as anti-immigration? The number of Visas and the number of immigrants allowed into our country hasn’t changed – the state of Arizona can’t do that! The United States still leads the world in the number of immigrants which we allow into our country. No other country comes close!

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Mainstream media just can’t help themselves

This is the M.O. of the mainstream media. They put their own subtle spin and innuendos into the reporting of the news hoping that it will stick in the brains of the dumb and uninformed. It’s sort of like the subliminal advertising that’s used by Madison Avenue ad agencies. They throw a word in here, a phrase in there, with the hope of injecting their editorial views into what should be straight news stories.

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Welcome to the real "me generation"

This little psycho, Kayla Gerdes, is just a symptom of a disease that can potentially be fatal to the future of this great country. The only way this catastrophe can be averted is if adults take back the responsibilities that we’ve passed on to the government and media. We can’t ask our kids to grow up if we don’t do it first!

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Freedom of speech vs. hate crime

Hate crimes shouldn’t be watered down and expanded to include protection of symbolic inanimate objects. What’s next? Maybe tearing up a poster of the Village People, or destroying a Celine Dion CD in public – please!

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The Left continues to exploit the Oklahoma City Bombing

The far left has gotten a lot of mileage from the “domestic terrorist attack” that took place on April 19th, 1995. They have exploited this horrific incident to cover their incompetence, to demonize political opponents, and to stifle dissent coming from the alternative media.

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Maybe there's some hope after all

You have to understand that the American flag is almost as rare as the Dodo bird in this city. Sure you’ll easily spot just about every flag from around the globe, (especially from the third world) but the American flag – no way!

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It’s time to scrap the progressive income tax system once and for all!

The entire progressive income tax system is the antithesis of fairness. It is used by politicians to pay off special interests, control or modify people’s behavior, and to generally pit one group of people against the other.

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Where’s my free healthcare?

The “free” part won’t start until all of the private health insurance companies are put out of business; which is the goal of the recently passed healthcare reform bill.

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