Don't worry – it was only an "amateurish" terror plot

The pathetic mainstream media is already busy spinning the failed terrorist attack on New York City’s Time Square as no big deal.

This morning on MSNBC, the stupid ditz also known as Alex Witt was interviewing dweeby correspondent Pete Williams about the attempted car bombing. Williams seemed almost put-out by the hysteria over the ordeal. He stressed that the attempt was “amateurish” and that the bomb never really had a chance to go off.

Oh now I get it! If the bomb doesn’t go off, there’s nothing to fear – there’s no terrorist threat.

Does the fact that the terrorists who plotted this attack took the time to remove the truck’s VIN number, and also used license plates from a junked car mean anything? Does it not prove that significant planning went into this bungled terrorist attack? I suppose the fact that the explosive devise was so badly put together means that it was just some silly kids taking a stolen car out on a joy-ride then trying to burn it to destroy any evidence against them. Yeah – that must be it!

A little later Fox News Channel’s Jamie Colby injected a dose of common sense into an interview with a former NYPD detective. When the detective also used the word “amateurish” to describe the failed explosive device, Colby responded by pointing out the fact that the bomb didn’t go off was “beside the point” and that the terroristic intent was obvious.

Thank you Jamie Colby!

So far, there’s only one thing we know for sure about this failed terrorist plot. We know that the person who was caught on at least one of the million video cameras in the Times Square area fleeing from the scene was NOT A WHITE MALE. If it were a white male we would already be viewing the video over and over while listening to the MSM and their masters in the Obama administration drone on about Timothy McVeigh and all of the anti-government hate on talk-radio and the blogosphere.

Have no fear people of New York City and the thousands of tourists from around the world. The attempt to detonate a car bomb during a warm sunny afternoon in the heart of Times Square was amateurish and the fear of terrorism is just a right-wing political ploy.

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