Obama advises graduates to stay ignorant and uninformed

This past Sunday Pharaoh Barack Obama went to the campus of Hampton University in Virginia to deliver the commencement address to the 2010 graduates. Does this man ever stay in the White House? Anyway, he showed up with his trusty teleprompter and basically encouraged the students to stay ignorant and uninformed – that’s my take on his pathetic speech.

I know what some people may be thinking, but the fact that people graduate from college means absolutely nothing in regards to their intelligence, or their knowledge of the real world. In fact, many people now come out of college more ignorant than when they went in. That’s the reason that Obama and the liberal elite put such a high emphasis on education. It’s not because they give a rat’s tukus about the students and their futures, it’s because they know that they’ll more likely than not have their minds filled with left-wing propaganda, and come out prepared to be good little soldiers in the war against capitalism and traditional American values.

During his address, Obama predictably praised higher education, but he also used the opportunity to try to convince the grads to stay away from “alternative media.” He went as far as to say that too much information can “become a distraction.”

Watch and listen to this disgraceful diatribe.

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This guy never stops campaigning, and he never stops attacking and bullying those who dare to disagree with him. Of course he doesn’t want people reading blogs, (except for the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post) listening to talk radio, (except for Air America – oh I forgot, the station went bankrupt – silly me!) or watching cable news. (except for MSNBC, CNN, and probably The View) Obama wants young people to listen to his White House propaganda machine headed by the idiotic Robert ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’ Gibbs for their information. Obama wants young people to just trust the government and not ask any questions. Obama doesn’t want young people to have their own minds and opinions, and he doesn’t want them to exercise free-thought. He wants them to be loyal subjects of the Obama run U.S. Government.

Obama is now getting so desperate that he’s thrown away all pretenses of being objective and having the best interest of the American people in mind. He’s now at the point where he’ll just about show his true colors. The true colors that he showed over and over during his campaign, but that too many people (especially those pathetic so-called “independents”) chose to somehow ignore. His rage at his critics is becoming ever more noticeable. His Hugo Chavez-like tactics at silencing opposition are becoming more and more obvious. It isn’t a surprise to this blogger that Obama would like to control the flow of information. Historically, that’s how Marxists/Communists take power, and that’s especially how they then hold on to power!

I full know that I’m small potatoes in this incredible blogosphere, but the only way that this, or any other administration will stop me from expressing my thoughts and opinions is by removing the keyboard from my cold dead hands!

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