Elena Kagan: Identity politics drives Obama's latest Supreme court nomination

When Obama nominated Elena Kagan to become an associate member of the SCOTUS I automatically thought that it was a very good chance that she was a lesbian. No..this had nothing to do with the Wall Street Journal picture of her playing softball – it had to do with understanding Obama and the hard-left for what they are.

The Leftists who currently run wild throughout are nation’s capital and the mainstream media are nothing if they aren’t totally – completely – thoroughly – and absolutely PREDICTABLE!

I believe that Obama’s first Supreme Court pick, Sonia Sotomayor, was chosen strictly because she was “Hispanic.” It also didn’t hurt that she also happened to be a woman – that was a bonus! Out of all the leftist attorney’s and judges out there, I don’t believe that Obama would just pick a run-of-the-mill white female Democrat. There has to be a bit more to it than that! That’s the way that leftists operate – the way they think.

I believe that one of the main reasons Obama chose Kagan was because he believes, or knows, that she is in fact Gay. If this is the case, then her sexual orientation is probably well known within the “progressive community.” For this theory to be accurate Obama and his people must also believe that gay people who aren’t part of the inner progressive circle will recognize Kagan as one of their own, otherwise part of the benefit is gone.

This is what makes the phony outrage over the WSJ picture even more laughable than usual. This also begs for an answer to the following politically incorrect question: Do gay people recognize each other as such?

I would assume that in most cases they do. Otherwise that would mean the only way that gay people could meet each other is by going to “gay bars” or using gay dating services. If one were to make that claim, one would surely be branded a homophobic bigot! Living in New York, I know and deal with many gay people. Most of them know that I know that they are gay even though they never told me so. Why do these people assume that I – a straight male – would know their sexual orientation? The same people also make assumptions about me; automatically assuming that I’m married, and that I have children. Furthermore, I believe that the vast majority of gay people would want to be recognized as gay. Many believe that they should have the right to marry each other, and there’s also a vibrant “gay pride” movement in most parts of the country. So why would it, or should it, be offensive to a gay person if they’re recognized as gay?

Do I believe that Elena Kagan is a lesbian? The answer to that is yes I do. Do I base that belief totally on her looks, the fact that she isn’t married, or because she batted clean-up for her softball team? The answer is no! Although I do possess a very good sense of “gaydar” from decades of living in New York, I also base my assumption on the fact that I know Obama and his kind better than they know themselves. With them it’s always about race, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. It’s a long standing staple of the progressive cookbook – good ole identity politics!

I believe that Elena Kagan is probably a radical lefty – that’s my problem with her. I don’t really give a rat’s derriere whether or not she’s a lesbian. However, I also believe that sexual orientation had a lot to do with her being picked. (Like I said; there are thousands of other loony leftists to choose from.) Obama and the Democrats are obsessed with identity politics and diversity. With the usual help from the MSM they will now use Kagan’s “assumed homosexuality” not only as a smokescreen, but also as a hammer to bash conservatives over the head with. They will also use her “assumed homosexuality” as a shield from her far-left views. The standard talking point will be that if you are against Kagan, you’re a rabid homophobe even though you’re not supposed to think that she’s gay in the first place. Go figure!

Not only is Liberalism a dishonest and destructive philosophy – it can also be pretty damn confusing.

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