Time for Specter and McCain to go!

Later today, Pennsylvania Democrats will go to the polls to vote for who will represent their pathetic party in November’s United States Senate race. Arlen Specter, the lifetime RINO who finally bolted the Republican Party last year will face off against Congressman Joe Sestak. The pragmatist in me says that it would be better for the GOP if Specter won the primary and faced off against Conservative Pat Toomey this November. However, I sure as hell won’t shed any tears if the self-serving jackass goes down to defeat. Either way, I believe that Arlen Specter is finally toast!

Specter is the epitome of a sleazy politician. The man has no core values or principles other than to keep getting reelected at any cost. The fool is so self-obsessed that he actually believed that the Democrats would welcome him with open arms and automatically back him for reelection. As stupid as they are, why would Democrat voters elect an 80 year old buffoon who actually admitted that he changed parties in order to get elected again? Narcissism really clouds the brain – doesn’t it? Specter actually believes that the people of Pennsylvania can’t survive without him in the Senate. The arrogant politician who seems to care so much about his legacy will now be dragged from the Congress kicking and screaming with no real friends or allies to speak of. His legacy will be that he was a sleaze-bag who couldn’t be trusted by anyone. Ain’t Karma a bitch!

This August, the people of the great state of Arizona will be going to the polls to vote in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate. Hopefully Arizonians will show the door to another windbag RINO who has done nothing but screw his own party (and the rest of the country) for the past decade or so. I’m of course speaking of John McCain, who is even more self-serving and narcissistic than Arlen Specter. McCain is facing a tight primary race against former Arizona congressman J.D. Hayworth. If McCain only knew a year ago that he would be in danger of losing a Republican primary in Arizona after 24 years in the Senate he would probably have joined Arlen Specter and jumped to the Democrat Party.

John McCain was actually a pretty solid conservative early on in his career. The turning point for McCain came when he ran for the Republican nomination for president in 2000 and lost to George W. Bush. After his loss in the primaries, McCain became unglued. He immediately went into attack mode against Conservatives for their support of Bush. McCain showed himself to be a small petty man who believed that he was entitled to certain things just because he was…John McCain.

In 2008, John McCain finally got what he thought he was entitled to eight years earlier – the Republican nomination for President of the United States. In the most important election in modern day American history McCain showed his true colors in going down to a pathetic defeat to the most unqualified and most inexperienced candidate to ever seek the White House – Barack Hussein Obama. John McCain let his country down by putting his ego and his selfish interests ahead of his country; the very opposite of what he claimed he was all about. McCain refused to attack Obama over his radical past and radical America-hating friends and associates. McCain refused to bring up the raving anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic, racist Obama pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. You see, McCain was adamant about running an “honorable campaign.” McCain must somehow be confused by the terms honorable and cowardly. When the United States needed John McCain most he crawled into a hole and handed the presidency to a radical progressive rather than fight. McCain was more concerned about maintaining his phony image in the mainstream media; more concerned about being called a racist for denouncing a black racist. In the end, it was all about John McCain – a usual.

Being the two-faced politician that he is, John McCain is now trying to convince the angry voters of Arizona that he’s a real conservative, and that they should send him back to the Senate for a fifth and final term. McCain actually has the chutzpah to attempt to convince Arizona voters that he’s tough on illegal immigration. He must really believe that his constituents are as dumb as he is. It was only a few short years ago that McCain teamed up with his one time nemesis Jorge “Los” Bush, and his pal Ted Kennedy, to give amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens who live within our borders. During that time, McCain basically called Americans racists and xenophobes because of their opposition to amnesty. He also cuddled up to La Raza (The Race!) and called illegal immigrants “the backbone of the country.”

Fast-forward to 2010; the same John McCain is now trying to convince Arizona voters that he’s against amnesty, and for tough border security and immigration enforcement. The people of Arizona aren’t stupid Mr. McCain! They have finally opened their eyes and are on to your self-serving tactics. They well know that if you win the August primary against J.D. Hayworth, and then go back to the senate, you will stab them in the back once again and join forces with Barack Hussein Obama to pass comprehensive immigration reform – better known as amnesty! Since McCain has already said that this will be his last term, he will be free to run amok without any fear of the voters if he wins reelection. Like he did after the 2000 presidential primaries, he will go on a vendetta against conservatives for daring to put him through the humiliation of having to run in a primary after 28 years in congress.

Hopefully, the midterm elections of 2010 will be the real election to finally bring “change” to America. The change will be that we Americans will no longer tolerate entrenched politicians who believe that they’re entitled to their office as well as our money. Hopefully, Arlen Specter and John McCain will finally be shown the door even before Election Day in November.

I hope they don’t let the door hit them in their wrinkly old asses on the way out!

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