Connecticut senate candidate "misspeaks" about serving in Vietnam

A fraud by the name of Richard Blumenthal has been going around for years falsely claiming that he “served in Vietnam.” Blumenthal also happens to be the attorney general of the state of Connecticut, as well as their Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat that was held for two centuries by the departing crook, Chris Dodd. The NY Times actually helped to expose this fraud’s false claims of military service. I guess even the NY Times has to print at least one honest news story every few years or so. A video of this creep unequivocally claiming that he served in Vietnam has also surfaced. Apparently he’s been going around lying about his military service since at least 2003.

Richard Blumenthal: As slippery as he looks!

According to the NY Times, Blumenthal received 5 deferments from 1965 to 1970. These deferments allowed him to complete his studies at Harvard – lucky us! In 1970, with his last deferment in jeopardy, Blumenthal was somehow able to land a coveted spot in the Marine Reserves, which according to the Times, virtually guaranteed that he would not be sent to Vietnam. So how does Mr. Blumenthal explain the stark differences between reality and the BS that comes out of his mouth? That’s easy, he claims that he may have “misspoken.” Gee, maybe next time I want to impress someone I can misspeak about being a commander on the Space Shuttle Discovery. And this man is a lawyer and an attorney general who throws people in jail?

The other day when this story broke, I was watching a news broadcast where they were interviewing Connecticut residents (In other words clueless Democrats) about the Blumenthal story. Basically, they couldn’t give damn. Most of them still thought the guy was great! A woman who was identified as being from Greenwich told the reporter that “there are a lot of men who didn’t serve.” I wanted to reach through the TV and shake her out of her ignorant stupor! Connecticut is such a blue state that there is no doubt in my mind that Blumenthal will win the Senate seat this coming November. Like most liberal northeastern states, Connecticut has a very high tolerance for crooks and corruption in public office. These clowns looked the other way while Chris Dodd was running amok all these years as chairman of the banking committee.

I also have a personal reason for not liking Richard Blumenthal. He made me do something that I hate doing – thinking  about Connecticut! Quite frankly, I despise the state and most of the fakes and phonies who live there. Connecticut has always been a state without an identity, so they try their best to steal New York’s.
To me there’s nothing more annoying than listening to a guy named Brad, wearing pastel yellow shorts with a sweater draped over his shoulders call himself a New Yorker. I actually had the misfortune of  once working with a dufus from Connecticut. Besides the fact that he was an incompetent alcoholic who came to work sloshed everyday, he always falsely referred to himself as a New Yorker even though he wasn’t born here and didn’t live here. He once justified this by saying ‘Connecticut and New York, it’s all the same thing.

If Connecticut wants Richard Blumenthal representing them in the U.S. Senate, they can have him. They deserve him!

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