Self-hating liberals of community board 1 approve mega mosque near ground zero

Yesterday (5/25) Community Board 1 of lower Manhattan approved the building of a 13 to 15 story Mosque steps from the place where filthy Muslim terrorists crashed two planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001. The building that will have to be torn down to make room for this Mosque was badly damaged by the murderous attacks of 9/11, thus making it uninhabitable for the past 9 years.

I haven’t yet commented about the proposed building of this “Super Mosque” because others have covered it fully and have done a great job doing so. Special kudos go out to Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. Ms. Geller and Mr. Spencer were present at the Community Board meeting voicing their outrage over this sickening proposal.

After Community Board 1 approved this plan by a vote of 29 to 1, I could no longer resist putting my two cents in.

First off, the proposal to build this Mosque in this particular location is a disgrace of colossal proportions. It is nothing less than a giant Muslim middle finger thrust right into the face of America and Western Civilization. It is a way for Islam to beat their chests in celebration over the destruction of an American icon, while replacing it with a symbol of Islamic victory and superiority over the West. You gotta hand it to these people; they sure have an abundance of chutzpah! But hey, it’s easy to be a bully when you’re dealing with cowards.

Some want us to forget this - NEVER!

What is just as sickening as the proposed building of this Mosque is the fact that they want to use September 11th 2011 as the grand opening. That’s right; on the tenth anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attacks, the super Mosque will open while there is still nothing but a gigantic hole where the Twin Towers stood. The symbolism is as clear as it is evil! While the families and friends of the victims hold their annual memorial to read the names of the murder victims, they will have to endure the opening of this Mosque.

Simply Despicable!

The members of Community Board 1 are the very reason why radical Islam (is there any other kind?) has become so emboldened. They and others who share their cowardly politically correct mindsets are the reason why Muslims would even dare to propose such a morally disgusting and reprehensible project. The members of Community Board 1 are a bunch of pathetic self-hating weasels that seem to be hell-bent on the destruction of their culture and their very freedom. They are the same appeasers who have historically looked the other way rather than looking right into the face of unspeakable evil and confronting it.

This is the message from Islam to the West that the ground zero Mosque represents.

One of these weasels is Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer. By the way, Borough Presidents (NY City has five) have no real governmental power or function. These positions are nothing more than a waste of taxpayer money. They are nothing more than convenient stepping stones for Democrat politicians towards higher elected positions. Anyway, Mr. Stringer (Democrat – of course) attended the Community Board meeting in support of the proposed Mosque. According to the NY Post, the slimy little weasel made the following statement before the meeting standing in front of the proposed site: “What we’re rejecting here is outright bigotry and hatred.” According to the same story, a Catholic Priest by the name of Kevin Madigan from nearby St. Peter’s Church agreed with Mr. Stringer. He was quoted as saying the following: “I think they need to establish a place such as this for people of goodwill from mainline Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths so we can come together to talk.” Even though I was born and raised a Roman Catholic, the idiotic Madigan is one of the reasons that I no longer want anything to do with the Catholic Church. The Church has become just another arm of the progressive movement. I don’t believe that Churches (and all religious institutions) should have tax-exempt status; separation of Church and State – right? That’s for another time and another post.

Fortunately, Community Board 1 doesn’t have the final say or authority to approve the Mosque plan. The vote is pretty much only symbolic, and is supposed to represent the community.

On Sunday June 6th, people who actually give a damn about the future of our country and western civilization will converge on the proposed Mosque site to protest this sickening idea. Freedom loving citizens from all over the world will join SIOA (Stop Islamization of America) to show the Muslim world that there are still people who will fight the evil and forceful expansion of their “religion.” Islam has plenty of real estate around the world, it doesn’t need North America, and frankly, North America doesn’t need it. If you’re in the NYC area please come down and show your support.

Nothing short of a Tsunami or a 8.0 earthquake will prevent me from attending!

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I am beyond furious.

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