Ground zero mosque – no…we haven't forgotten!

This evening my wife and I decided that for dinner we would do a little barbecue on our terrace. We grilled some skirt steak and some good ole American hotdogs that we happened to have laying around in the fridge. We also had a nice bottle of red Chilean wine to go along with this spur of the moment feast.

As is often the case, while I was grilling my wife was playing some of our favorite tunes from our vast collection. After we finished dinner, I began to feel the need for some inspirational patriotic songs. I live daily with the reality of the problems and challenges facing our great country. In order to stay  positive and to keep a sense of hope,  I often reflect on the things that made this great country what it is. There are a number of songs that really hit the spot when I find myself in this frame of mind.

After attending the rally this Sunday to protest the disgusting plan to build a “super-mosque” on the footsteps of ground zero, this song came to mind. It’s been a while since I listened to it, but the message is as strong as ever.

We will never forget, even though many in our government have. We will never forget, even though the evil cretins who want to build this disgraceful mosque wish we would.

How about you?

Have you forgotten?

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