Scott Brown continues to disappoint

Today I actually watched the beginning of the Elena Kagan senate confirmation hearings. It was almost as boring as watching the World Cup; almost but not quite!

Senator Scott Brown (R?) from Massachusetts, along with his Democrat counterpart John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) introduced Kagan to the senate committee. I realized that the Dems were using the newly elected senator to score political points using his current popularity to try passing Kagan off as a centrist. Since Brown has become addicted to TV cameras after being elected to the senate, he was more than happy to oblige.

When Scott Brown began reading his prepared statement I was sort of surprised to find that he made George W. Bush sound like Sir Laurence Olivier. He stammered, stumbled, and fumbled his way through his written remarks; he sounded like Barack Obama without his teleprompter. I couldn’t help but think that he was pretty disappointing to the many Republicans who are still infected with Scott Brown fever. My fever subsided about a week to ten days after he was elected. I know, I know, he’s still one hundred times better than Ted Kennedy, but then again who isn’t?

During his remarks, Brown played up the Massachusetts connection with Elena Kagan saying that the he was “very proud that our nation’s first female Solicitor General has such deep roots in Massachusetts.” She attended Harvard Law School and then served as the school’s dean for less than six years – Deep Roots? If that wasn’t stretching the Massachusetts connection far enough, he then went on to say that “she has made significant contributions to Massachusetts, and I thank her for that.” I have always found it patronizing when politicians use the “state pride” schtick to score points. When Sonia Sotomayor was nominated for the SCOTUS I was anything but proud that she was from NY. Like Sotomayor, Kagan was born and raised in NYC; along with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this will make all three females on the Supreme Court New Yorkers. Where’s the diversity there?

Brown also described Kagan as being “undoubtedly brilliant.” Why is that Senator Brown? Is it simply because she attended Ivy League schools? Be careful there senator, you’re beginning to sound a bit elitist for a “man of the people.”

Speaking of elitists, after Brown was through brownnosing Elena Kagan and everyone stood up and started dispersing, I noticed an interesting scenario that should remind Scott Brown of where he really stands with the Democrats. Senator John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) rushed over to greet Kagan. At this point Scott Brown already started walking away when he abruptly returned to offer his hand to Lurch…I mean Kerry. Kerry first ignored Brown’s outstretched hand for a good three seconds before finally giving it a quick dismissive shake while still looking at and talking to Kagan. I thought that Scott Brown made himself look like a lightweight amateur by coming back only to be dissed by the snobby John Kerry – who served in Vietnam!

I know for a fact that Scott Brown is no conservative. That’s alright! I know where he comes from and what he seemingly believes he has to do to stay in office. However, I strongly urge Republicans not to proclaim him the next savior of the party just yet. I believe that Scott Brown will most likely become a male version of his northern colleagues Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. He may even one day become the next Arlen Specter.

I hope that I’m wrong – but I don’t know!

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