Elena Kagan hearings: Same ole, same ole


Why do established lifelong left-wing liberals who are nominated to the Supreme Court always try to convince the Senate Committee and the American people that they’re actually centrist or even conservative?

By the time the nominee is sitting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, they are pretty much an open book as far as their views, opinions, and writings go. Yet, the nominee always winds up playing this phony cat and mouse game with the senators. Why don’t liberal activist lawyers and judges just tell the truth for once about their liberal worldviews and judicial philosophy? Are the senators on the committee and the informed slice of the American public really supposed to believe that Barack Obama would nominate a centrist or conservative to sit on the SCOTUS?

These ridiculous hearings point out what most of us already know; the Judiciary is just as politicized as the Executive and Legislative branches. Everyone understands that regardless of what the nominee says, he or she will rule on cases without any fear of the public or of the other branches of government once they put on that black robe. These judges can’t be recalled after they’re confirmed. They can’t be called back before congress and asked to explain why they ruled a certain way. They don’t have to answer to anybody!

Note to so-called Independents and Centrists: That’s why Presidential elections are kind of important!

Today Elena Kagan tried to say all the right things to all the right people. Some Republicans pushed her on certain issues, while the Dumbocrats threw her non- controversial softballs. (No homophobic innuendos intended!) Senator Tom Coburn engaged her about the loose interpretation of the Commerce Clause; Kagan responded by acting dumb and pretending she didn’t understand the questions. On the other side, the clown-faced phony, Patrick Leahy, kissed Kagan’s ample tukus every chance he got. Once in a while Kagan even seemed almost embarrassed at his obvious false flattery (butt kissing).

During the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings Rush Limbaugh made an excellent observation. He noticed how the Democrats (and Sotomayor herself) were playing up the ole work-ethic and pulling yourself up by the boot-straps angle in regards to Sotomayor’s climb to the SCOTUS. Rush commented on how left-wingers like Sotomayor never credit affirmative action or other liberal social programs for playing a part in their success even though they champion those very same programs for others. Instead, they always credit conservative principles such as hard work and industriousness for their success. That’s how phony and dishonest these liberal progressives are. Even in the age of Obama, they refuse to stand up and defend their core principles and values. Instead, they attempt to pass themselves off as just your average run of the mill centrist American.

Elena Kagan is a left-winger who was appointed by a President who is most likely a Marxist. When she finally puts on her black robe, she will judge the cases before her through the prism of her left-wing ideology regardless of what she’s now saying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

So what else is new?

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The usual game of political face time so everyone can state “we did our job” when in reality, they didn’t.

And good observation about the “ole work-ethic and pulling yourself up by the boot-straps” angle.

Written By Tom's Place on July 3rd, 2010 @ 8:44 pm