Lance Berkman is a Yankee!

Berkman has been one of the most productive players in baseball over the past decade palying for the Houston Astros. He’s also a throwback type player who keeps his mouth shut and lets his play do the talking.

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Ava Aston – We the People

Todd Kinsey posted this video as his video of the day on He couldn’t have made a better choice! I admit to never hearing of Ava Aston before, but she is definitely an act that we can all get behind. In this day and age of mindless liberals dominating the entertainment industry, it’s great […]

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Federal Judge rules on the side of illegal invaders in Arizona

The “legal” Hispanic residents of Arizona (or anywhere else in America) should be loyal to America, and not to illegal law-breakers who happen to share a common birthplace or language. Too damn bad if some “legal” people are inconvenienced by having to prove their legal status. When Americans travel to Mexico, they’re required to have their passports and other identification on them at all times. Unlike SB1070, the Mexican authorities don’t even need a reason to ask for your papers! I may give a damn when I hear the “legal” Mexican immigrants complain about the unfairness of the Mexican system, but until then, I don’t!

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Democrats lying (as usual) about extension of unemployment benefits

The fact of the matter is that the stimulus has never been about creating jobs or quick-starting the economy. The stimulus has always been nothing more than an Obama/Democrat slush fund. The main reason that less than half of the $787 billion emergency stimulus has been spent is because Obama and the Democrats are saving it for the 2010 and 2012 elections.

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Bloomberg defends aide, Sarah Palin, and his support of ground zero mosque

The bottom line is that Bloomberg is a thin skinned statist who doesn’t take well to anyone questioning his all encompassing wisdom. Bloomberg has set himself firmly with the Islamists who want to pour rock salt on the wounds of all the families and friends of the victims of 9/11. To hide from his cowardice, (God forbid you go against anything Islam wants!) Bloomberg has tried to make this an issue of religious freedom.

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Disgraceful Bloomberg aide tells Palin to Mind her own business

Hey Bloomberg; stop telling New Yorkers what to eat and drink! Stop telling restaurants how they should cook their food! Stop telling people how to run their lives! Stop sticking your nose in the business of other states in regards to their gun laws! Why don’t you try taking the advice that your aide gave Mrs. Palin, and Mind Your Own Business for a change!

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Every man for himself at the MTA

“I feel bad for the people who are laid off, but I have to take care of my shit too!”

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Bold prediction on the latest BP developments

If only the rest of life was as predictable as this bunch in the White House and Media, I’d be 10 times wealthier than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined. Unfortunately, the only thing that I’m really good at predicting is the behavior of radical left-wing liberals and morons.

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