Have we no shame?

For some time now, conservative writers, commentators, and scholars have voiced their opinions that shame is a necessary component of life.

I couldn’t agree with them more!

In this current atmosphere of hyper political correctness, many people have been taught to believe that none of their actions should ever be judged. Judging someone has become a social taboo even though we all do it every single day and in every aspect of our lives. If as human beings, we didn’t constantly make judgments about other people, we would suffer serious consequences.

In a world where others are not allowed to judge you, there is little need for shame. However, shame definitely holds a valid purpose in life.

  • Shame can prevent people from making fools of themselves.
  • Shame can help keep a person’s ego in check.
  • Shame can be a great motivation for change.

Unfortunately, shame is slowly but surely disappearing from Western Civilization.

I often walk around my neighborhood and marvel at the lack of shame that more and more people seem to exhibit. I frequently find myself looking at people and silently asking WHY?

Someone sent me a couple of links to websites that highlight the fact that shame is becoming an endangered emotion in modern day America.

Here are just a few samples:

Warning: It’s best to view these pictures on an empty stomach.

Letting it all hang out!

Is her head screwed on backwards - or what?

Two pounds of bologna in a one pound bag!

Sometimes shopping isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

These photos are courtesy of peopleofwalmart.com

If you still don’t believe that shame is becoming extinct in America – check out these next few beauties.

Must be a French tourist!

Self-esteem on steroids!

Why Oh Why?????

Senile or just shameless?

These photos are courtesy of beachcreeps.com

Let’s start a campaign to bring some shame back into American culture!

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Posted by admin · August 18, 2010 · Category: Random Observations · Comments (1)

Reader Comments

I cannot tell you how often one particular friend and I have had this conversation. He worries about his kids, I worry about my nieces and nephew. But unfortunately, a complete lack of shame (and personal accountability) is a direct result of living in a morally relativistic society. Yet another gift from the progressives.

P.S. I love peopleofwalmart, it never ceases to amaze me.

Written By Mags on August 19th, 2010 @ 1:50 am