Forget the bar – open a mosque

One of the many questions regarding the Ground Zero mosque project is where the funding for the estimated $100 million dollar project is coming from. To date, the most publicly recognized names involved with this project are Sharif El-Gamal and Feisal Abdul Rauf.

Feisal Abdul Rauf is the American-born Imam who has so far been the public face of the project. At the very least, Rauf has a history of Anti-American and Anti-Semitic statements. He has also refused to condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization. As we all know, Rauf has remained steadfastly adamant that the project will be completed regardless of who likes it or not. He’s often described the project as a bridge-builder between Muslims and the infidels. If this project is indeed a bridge, it’s most likely booby trapped!

Sharif El-Gamal is the waiter turned real-estate developer who supposedly plucked down $4 million in cash for the property where the mosque is slated to be built; in other words a middle man. El-Gamal also has a pretty shady past filled with arrests for DWI, petty larceny, and disorderly conduct. He has also failed to so far pay over $224 thousand dollars in property taxes on the proposed mosque site. What’s a quarter million dollars in taxes for a bankrupt city – right Mr. Bloomberg?

Whenever questions have been raised on where the $100 million for the project is coming from, the questioners are met with disdain and name calling. New York City’s disgraceful billionaire buffoon mayor, Michael Bloomberg, recently chastised people for wanting to know where the funding is coming from.

The pompous moron claimed that looking into the financing for the Ground Zero mosque would “set a terrible precedent.”

“You don’t want them investigating donations to religious organizations, and there’s no reason for the government to do so.”

When it comes to building multi million dollar mosques, Mr. Bloomberg is suddenly a hard-core libertarian.

But it’s perfectly OK for the government (in other words Bloomberg and his ilk) to tell adults what they should eat, drink, smoke, etc. It’s also perfectly fine for Bloomberg and his socialist nannies to tell restaurant and bar owners how they should run their businesses.

Speaking of bars, anyone who has ever opened or attempted to open a bar in NYC knows the anal exam that the State Liquor Authority puts you through. One of the many things they require is disclosure of your proposed capital for the (bar) project. If you have financial investors, they then want proof of their capital for the investment. Besides the financing aspect, you also have to go before your local community board with your proposal, where local residents can speak out against your project. There are also many zoning issues dealing with proximity to other establishments and to houses of worship.

What don't you understand? Alcohol and fatty foods - BAD! Islam - GOOD!

In essence, you will get more scrutiny from NY State and NY City for a proposal to open a bar or restaurant with a liquor license than for a proposal to build a $100 million dollar mosque in the shadow of the largest mass-murder in United States history. You must disclose where the money is coming from for the bar/restaurant, but never mind in regards to the mosque.

If and when the mosque is finally built, I dare anyone to attempt opening up a bar or even a barbeque joint in close proximity to the mosque. There’s a barbecue establishment in NYC where a hog (or pig) is used not only in their name, but also as part of their logo. I guarantee you that they wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of opening another restaurant near the mosque. In these hypothetical situations Bloomberg, the community board, and the State Liquor Authority would turn down your proposal quicker than I would turn down a date with Rosie O’Donnell.

Are we living in an insane city…or what?

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Wonder if NY will collect on those taxes…or better yet, confiscate the property for non-payment.

Written By Tom's Place on September 11th, 2010 @ 5:09 am