Opposed to illegal immigration? Beware; you may be branded a KKK sympathizer

This past Sunday, The National Geographic Channel ran a program titled KKK: Inside American Terror. It’s strange, but it seems that the mainstream media has been reporting more and more on the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, etc. If I were a conspiracy kook, I would think they were doing this to deflect attention from the religion of peace, Islam.

Nah…couldn’t be!

Anyway, throughout the program it was stressed that the various factions of what was traditionally referred to as The Ku Klux Klan, had a new enemy – namely Hispanic immigrants! In other words, if you’re tired of the cost, crime, and other negative consequences of massive illegal immigration, then you must sympathize, agree with, support, or are an actual card-carrying member of the KKK. I realize they don’t say that, but the subtle undertones are pretty clear to me. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s not just the stories that the mainstream media reports on, but it’s also when they choose to report on them.

I happen to despise illegal immigration. I think it threatens our very survival as a sovereign nation! Especially the current brand of screw you – in your face – illegal immigration. I may as well come right out and confess; I meet with my fellow Klansmen once a month in our downtown Brooklyn headquarters where we plan cross burnings and various other mayhem throughout the five boroughs of NYC. Don’t ask me how I managed to infiltrate this organization with my Catholic upbringing, ethnic last name, and my zealous support for the State of Israel. Oh well, I suppose that being against illegal immigration is now the only prerequisite for membership.

Another shame/guilt inducing phrase used in the program was “fear of the changing face of America.”


For the time being, let’s forget about the pros and cons of immigration; illegal or legal.  What exactly is changing face supposed to mean? I assume they mean that the white majority is afraid of people who don’t look like them slowly but surely becoming a majority. The key is to throw looks or color into the mix. Then it’ll really make it uncomfortable for people to want to stay in the majority. After all, only racist and fear-filled white Americans may be a bit uncomfortable with losing their majority status. As we all know, every other group of people from every nation around the world strives to be in the minority. Who the hell wants to be in the majority? Let’s take Mexico as an example. The Mexicans are so obsessed with becoming a minority that they have some of the most restrictive immigration standards on the planet. Forget about changing faces or changing language, they won’t even allow their Spanish-speaking, Latin-looking Guatemalan neighbors to the south enter their country unless they have a million bucks to throw into the economy.

Are the Mexican people bigots for wanting Mexico to remain distinctly Mexican?

Why is it that only the United States of America is required to be diverse and multicultural? Why is it that the United States of America is obligated to let everyone in? Why is it expected of us to commit national and cultural suicide? (I know that this may also true of Europe, but allow me to stick to America for now.) It’s almost as if by being an American (particularly a white American) you somehow inherited all the good things in life without working for them. Sort of the way some people look at others who have inherited large sums of money from their wealthy families. They have it easy! It’s not right that they have it so good without doing anything for it. That’s not fair! We want a free piece of the pie too! It’s as if Americans somehow got everything free and easy, and it’s not fair that others don’t get the same chance!

Of course we all know that is total bullshit!

America was built by generations of people who sacrificed and suffered in order for us to live in the great country we now have. It wasn’t always easy! Tens of thousands died just in order to give America birth. Then over 600,000 Americans died in order to keep the Union together and to abolish slavery. Hundreds of thousands more died in WW1 and WW2. These were the deaths of future generations who never got to taste the freedom and prosperity that our beloved country has become known for. Then there were the millions who somehow made it through the Great Depression to give life to the most prosperous generations in our history. Speaking of prosperity, this wasn’t exactly an accident or luck of the cosmic draw either. Our current (or should I say pre-Obama) prosperity is directly connected to our founders insistence that our freedoms don’t come through Kings, Queens, or governments, but through our creator. Those Judeo-Christian values created the foundation to make Capitalism and the free-market system possible. Those values were essential to the ingenuity and industriousness that made us the envy of the world; the greatest country, the greatest civilization in the history of mankind!

Yes, I admit it. I don’t want Americans to become the minority in America! I don’t want apathy and poverty to replace optimism and ingenuity. I don’t want big government to replace personal freedom and liberty. I don’t want Socialism, Communism, Marxism, or Anarchism to replace free-market Capitalism. I don’t want Spanish (or any other language) to replace English. For me, being an American goes a lot deeper than just becoming a citizen, or even being born here. It’s more about attitude; about a deep and sincere belief in the fundamentals of our constitution. Far too many immigrants, particularly illegal immigrants, want to be here simply for the supposedly guaranteed benefits of just being here. It’s simply easier here for them. Their love and loyalty still remain with their homeland.

My late grandfather told me about some of his contemporaries who came here in the first quarter of the 20th century. He spoke of two men who wanted so much to fit in that they changed their names to Brown and Smith. I don’t know what good those names did them when at best, they spoke broken English with heavy Slavic accents, but the point is that they wanted to be Americans at any and all costs. They didn’t have it easy either. My grandfather and his buddies worked the docks of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bayonne, New Jersey before there were any unions, and before machines did all the heavy lifting; working 10 to 12 hour days in the freezing cold loading and unloading freighters, mostly by hand.  Even though this life was rough they kept their eye on the potential for the future; the potential for their children and grandchildren. They quickly earned the respect of their American counterparts by working extra hard, not bitching about unfairness, and abiding by the rules and customs of this country. Many of the immigrants from my grandfather’s era never once returned to their homelands, except to perhaps fight against them in WW2.

I don’t necessarily lay all the blame on today’s immigrants (legal & illegal) for their less than stellar attitudes; although they’re not totally innocent either. I also know that many immigrants still hold to the same values of my grandfather’s generation, but I fear they are becoming the rare exceptions to the norm. I mostly blame the hard-core progressive Left who has changed the entire mindset and purpose of immigration over the past 40 or so years. They have used immigration and the generosity and kindness of the American people in order to dilute and ultimately destroy America from within. They deliberately made it unnecessary for immigrants to assimilate. They purposely deceived immigrants into believing that the road to the American dream is a quick and easy one. They want nothing more than an America with a population that is ignorant, angry, jealous, and entitled. They want an America that is divided by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. They want a balkanized America where each group competes for special privileges, government dollars, and preferential treatment while they sit on their thrones and distribute the crumbs.

I truly hope that the majority of Americans won’t fall prey to the progressive mind games played so cleverly by their allies or useful idiots in the mainstream media. I hope Americans won’t fall prey to a false sense of guilt for simply being Americans, or simply being Americans of a certain skin color. I also hope that Americans won’t fall prey to the media’s portrayal or wishful thinking that certain changes are inevitable. Why is it inevitable that we will one day be a Hispanic country or a Muslim country? Recently, both Prime Minister Sarkozy of France and Chancellor Merkel of Germany threw in the towel and admitted the inevitability of both of their countries becoming “Muslim nations.” Well we aren’t Germany, and we sure aren’t France! It’s not at all inevitable if we hold to our principles and beliefs with steadfast courage. We aren’t so easily willing to accept that a 70% tax rate is inevitable! We aren’t so easily willing to accept that a Marxist type government controlling every aspect of our lives is inevitable! Nothing is inevitable if the American people really don’t want it! Otherwise, those of us who aren’t left-wing progressives may as well just give up and surrender right now.

The Left will go all out to make you feel guilty, dirty, and greedy when it comes to immigration. National Geographic and other media outlets will continue to highlight the KKK and Neo-Nazis while playing down or outright ignoring radical Islamic terror, MS13, and all the other horrific aspects of unbridled illegal immigration. They’ll continue to portray Americans who oppose amnesty and securing the boarders as racist haters. They’ll continue to portray the Tea Party Patriots as an offshoot of the KKK. They hope that people will tire of the name calling and give in to the intense intimidation and demonization.

I believe that this great country and all it stands for is worth fighting for – how about you?

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