A Gotham Resistance Exclusive!

I finally got my first exclusive scoop! I assure you that you won’t read about or see this story anywhere else.


My sources in South America have informed me that 30 of 33 Chilean miners have been rescued from a mine where they spent the last 69 days. The miners were pulled up in a special capsule through a narrow tunnel from approximately 2,300 feet below ground level.

I kid you not!

Wait a second!


31 of the 33 have now been rescued from the mine. My sources are all over this!

I'm going to Disney World!


I haven’t seen such media frenzy since George Bush flooded New Orleans. At least Katrina happened in our own country. Fox News Channel suspended their entire prime time schedule (O’Reilly, Hannity, & Greta) last night to bring us wall to wall coverage of the Chilean mine rescue. The coverage continued through this morning and afternoon where even the commercials had a small split screen in the upper right hand corner. Commercials being interrupted by news – that’s a new one! Even Princes Diana didn’t get that treatment.

Oh well…

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