Kirsten Gillibrand: Chuck Schumer’s little yes girl

One thing that really makes me feel like gagging is watching phony campaign commercials where desperate liberal Democrats attempt to sound mainstream, or even conservative.

Incumbent U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is doing just that in her pathetic attempt to be reelected. Gillibrand was appointed by NY Governor David Patterson in 2009 to replace Her Majesty, Hillary Clinton.

For all my Democrat readers: Hillary Clinton left her senate seat to serve as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

Ever since replacing Hillary, Gillibrand has been nothing but a personal lap-dog to Chuck Schumer. Initially calling herself a centrist Democrat, she has voted right down the line with the slimy human/reptile hybrid. When Gillibrand’s appointment to the senate seat raised concerns from the liberal NYC establishment, it was Chuck Schumer who assured them that he would take Gillibrand under his greasy wing and transform her into a good liberal Democrat.

Gillibrand is now running a series of TV ads attempting to portray herself as an apple pie populist. She claims to be for middle class tax cuts, stopping corporations from outsourcing jobs, and for buying American products. She is also running an ad where she attempts to highlight her accomplishments in the senate. The ads are laughable since it’s impossible to highlight nothing. One particular ad brags about her being the first Senator to post her financial records online. She also talks about her fiscal responsibility by supposedly voting against congressional pay raises. Whoopty freakin do! Let’s say 535 members of Congress (House & Senate) and a proposed 20K per year pay increase. That’s a whopping 10.7 million dollars! Yeah, that’ll offset the trillion dollar deficits that Gillibrand and her Democrat cohorts created. Way to go Kirsten!

Viewer discretion is advised: If you’re not a Democrat, or if your IQ is above 80, you may experience the need to puke while watching this video.

YouTube Preview Image

There’s little doubt that Gillibrand and Schmuck Schumer will both do very well in NYC, but hopefully the people of upstate NY and Nassau and Suffolk counties will make better choices. I don’t know about Chucky, but Gillibrand’s seat is within reach. Her opponent is former congressman Joseph DioGuardi. I don’t know too much about Mr. DioGuardi, but I do know that he is being endorsed by the NY State Conservative Party and the Taxpayers Party. He’s also the father of former American Idol Judge Kara DioGuardi – for whatever that’s worth.

It may be a stretch to believe that Chuck Schumer will be tossed out of office this November, but NY Republicans should make sure to pull the lever for Mr. DioGuardi. If we can’t get rid of Chucky Schumer, we can at least annoy him by taking away his pathetic little lap dog.

Please check out Joe DioGuardi at

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