Voting for non-citizens – disenfranchisement for our military

America’s liberal establishment has now sunk to a new low. According to Fox News, there are several municipalities that are putting initiatives on the November 2nd election ballot that could give legal non-citizens the right to vote.

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It’s fitting that Americas big cities want non-citizens to vote while at the same time dragging their feet to get absentee ballots to the men and women who serve in our military. There have already been several municipalities who openly admitted that they have missed the deadline for sending absentee ballots to military members serving overseas. Gee…what a surprise! It seems like every freakin election the Democrats look for ways to disenfranchise our military. What are they scared of?

These same Democrats/liberals/progressives are now wringing their hands over the sad fact that legal non-citizens don’t have the right to vote. Vote for them, that is. They claim that these immigrants pay taxes and should therefore be allowed to vote. Really now? Where and when were these immigrants told that they would immediately be given the privilege to vote? They knew the rules before they came here. They knew that it took some time and good faith in order to become a citizen. So what if they pay taxes! They also use government services – don’t they?

I wish some Democrat would tell us what other country in the world (a country that people actually want to live in) allows non-citizens to vote.

Excuse me if I don’t shed any tears for the inability of America’s non-citizens to vote. Citizenship and all its supposed privileges should be earned. In the business world it’s not uncommon for a person to go through a probation period before they receive the same benefits as those who have worked there for years – so what’s the problem?

The despicable American Left has been trying its best to change the laws in order to allow convicted felons and non-citizens the right to vote while consistently playing games with Military absentee ballots. That’s just downright disgusting! All decent Americans who possess a sense of fairness and who respect the rule of law should remember this when they step into the voting booth this November the 2nd.

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Reader Comments

Every time I think they cannot sink any lower they manage to surprise me. They know no shame.

Written By Mags on October 26th, 2010 @ 11:22 pm

According to an Army Times poll a few years back the makeup was 92% Republican and only 8% Democrat; that’s why they continue their attempts to keep the military from voting.

Great piece as usual,


Written By Todd Kinsey on October 27th, 2010 @ 12:31 pm