The arrogance of the public sector

Why do way too many people working in the public sector believe that their jobs are sacred – more important than other people’s jobs? Like the country in general, most of the 50 states are riddled with enormous debt and budget deficits, but public employees don’t seem to understand the unsustainability of their comfortable status quo.

As demonstrated by the fiasco in Madison, Wisconsin and other U.S. cities, public sector employees are showing themselves to be one selfish bunch of cretins. They seem to feel entitled to automatic pay raises, top-notch benefits, absolute job security, and extravagant pensions. What freakin world are these people living in? Why do they believe they are exempt from basic economic reality – the real world?

Also, why does the public sector seem to believe that they’re the only people in the country that work? They simplistically refer to themselves as “working people” as if everyone else just plucks money from trees. A private trash collector doesn’t work for a living just like the municipal trash collector? Excuse me if I just don’t get it!

Another thing that irks me about many public sector employees is their apparent lack of concern for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Do they not understand that future generations will have to pay the bill for the tab they’ve run up? Or, do they just not give a damn? How selfish can a person be as to not care that his/her own grandchildren will have an inferior standard of living compared to what they currently enjoy? I’m not a parent, but aren’t your children and grandchildren supposed to have it easier than you do – have a better life?

While our economy is stuck in the toilet and our debt and budget deficits are skyrocketing into the stratosphere, the only solution these people can come up with is to further raise taxes on the so-called rich; in other words everyone in the private sector who makes more money than they do! Can you people please come up with some other solutions to these problems – rational, real-world solutions?

It doesn’t take a Nobel Prize economist to understand that our current economic status quo is unsustainable. It also doesn’t take a Saint to understand that sacrifice and economic pain should be shared by everyone!

So why are far too many public sector employees and their unions acting so selfishly, irrationally, and so irresponsibly?

Are they just plain arrogant, or are they just stupid?

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Reader Comments

well we are a facist state
republicans and democrats are the same
you have no freedom of speech, occupy wall street was crashed by facist nypd
the public sector are the owners of the land now
so go ahead now and figure out why it is so

Written By Serje Russel on December 9th, 2012 @ 10:41 pm