Muslim on Muslim hate crime?

A 12 year old Staten Island, NY boy, or should I say punk, has been charged with a hate crime. The charges stem from an assault perpetrated by the punk on a 13 year old female school mate who happens to be a Muslim. What turned this incident from a typical adolescent spat into a major crime is the alleged claim that while assaulting his victim, the 12 year old punk asked her “are you a Muslim?”

First of all, the fact that a dumb 12 year old can be charged with a hate crime is insane. Second, the 12 year old attacker is supposedly a Muslim as well. The boy’s father asked “how could a Muslim have another hate crime against a Muslim?” I don’t want to be a stickler, but one doesn’t have a hate crime, one commits a hate crime. Why the father uses the word another, is a question the police need to address.

Read the NY Post story here.

I don’t find it appealing to defend this hooligan, but does asking someone if they are Muslim warrant hate crime charges? How about just saying the word Muslim? Obviously, this delinquent isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw; ignorance, stupidity, and bad parenting make more sense than hate. The family of this kid really shouldn’t worry too much because I’m sure that any decent attorney can get the ridiculous hate crime charges dropped. The kid can then go on with his education (hardy-har-har) and his ordinary non-hateful life of crime.

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