It’s official – The census is a joke!

We all know that the Census is a laughingstock when it comes to accurately portraying the population and demographics of the United States, but I never imagined it was this bad.

According to New York City cable news channel NY1, the borough of Queens has gained only 1,300 residents since the last census in 2000. I realize that the census isn’t supposed to take illegal aliens into account, but they alone have increased the Queens population by at least ten times that much (130,000) over the past decade. Even our idiotic local politicians are scratching their hollow heads over this report.

Illegal invaders aside, the 1,300 total is still a joke. My area of Northwestern Queens is almost unrecognizable from the year 2000. There must be 1,300 alone in the new building up the block from me. The same freakin building whose construction made the last two years hell for me – noise wise.

Although the neighborhood has changed drastically from the one I grew up in, all-in-all I welcome the throngs of youngish professionals (even though most are brainless libs) that have been moving here from all over the country. These new people along with the high-end development needed to house them have kept rents and property values pretty high, and thus saved this great part of NYC from further deterioration.

This report just reinforces what I already knew to be fact. The current system for taking the U.S. census is a pathetic exercise in futility.

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